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Classified Advertising

Alsy Brinkmeyer

Phone: (775) 881-7326

Email Alsy: mailto:abrinkmeyer@sierranevadamedia.com

Internet & Interactive Media

Tony Dilger

Phone: (775) 283-5529

Email Tony: tdilger@sierranevadamedia.com

Advertising Director

Pat Bridges

Phone: (775) 881-1209

Email Pat: pbridges@nevadaappeal.com

Advertising Account Managers

Tonya Champa
Advertising Director
Phone Number: 775-881-1277
E-Mail: tchampa@sierranevadamedia.com

Brad Bancroft
Business Development Manager
Phone Number: 775-881-1234
E-Mail: bbancroft@sierranevadamedia.com

Trevor Voight
Business Development Manager
Phone Number: 775-881-1258
E-Mail: tvoight@sierranevadamedia.com

Christina Olson
Business Development Manager
Phone Number: 775-881-1247
E-Mail: cholson@sierranevadamedia.com

Cheryl Gudbaur
Advertising Accounts Coordinator
Phone Number: 775-283-5549
Fax: 775-887-2426

Ryan White
Business Development Manager
Phone Number: 775-881-1299

Advertise in The Lahontan Valley News

Andrea Goodrick

Phone: (775) 423-6041

Email: agoodrick@lahontanvalleynews.com

Kimberley Keyser

Phone: (775) 423-6041

Email: kkeyser@lahontanvalleynews.com

Classified Advertising

Place a Classified Ad

Phone: (775) 423-0353

Email the Classified Advertising department