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March 23, 2013
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A non-seizure solution: Move horses to Brunswick Canyon

I am still grieving the loss of the 11 horses off Deer Run. I have watched that group grow since 2003 with the first mustang that came down my street looking for mares. These horses graced the hillside with their new foals each year and we got to watch them. How cool is that!

The BLM field director Leon Thomas deemed them “problem horses” and a public safety hazard. He told me he had some (which I believe were) obscure complaints from people walking the Carson River Park. I cannot believe that anyone who owns and loves horses would ask for them to be removed. Mr. Thomas demonstrated poor decision making and management. There are alternative solutions.

What about coyotes, and bobcats and mountain lions? They roam the Carson River Park too. Aren’t they a public safety hazard? Why aren’t they rounding them up? These were gentle horses for gosh sakes! People who walk in the outdoors have to take wildlife into consideration and be careful.

I am asking for Mr. Thomas’ resignation and a relocation and preservation of wild horses to the Brunswick Canyon area. Apparently, they will be auctioning these horses at Silver Saddle Ranch on March 23.

Margaret Konieczny

Carson City

Students idle on dress code, forcing principal into action

Emotions rise when the subject of Carson High School student uniforms comes up. The problem is that often the reasoning ability of the brain is not able to keep up.

In the process, accusations are made that are not factual and damage the communication process. It is unfortunate that as well meaning as Rebecca Matley’s statements are about Principal Ron Beck, Ms. Matley is making false statements (at least as reported by the paper).

I personally heard Mr. Beck tell students in an orientation session about a year ago that they had a choice. Either the students got involved with the violation of student dress standards and police themselves or the administration would have to do something. It is evident that Ms. Matley and other students did nothing, or at least not enough.

So now Ms. Matley and the students are outraged and are resorting to making false statements about being excluded from the uniform policy making process. How sad!

Doyle Hanks

Carson City

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