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November 12, 2013
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What does it take these days to impeach a president? I think the statutes say something about high crimes and misdemeanors. That should cover a lot of ground, including malfeasance and misfeasance in office.

Maybe cronyism, double dealing, stacking the deck, lying, wasteful and reckless spending, incompetence, willful disregard for the welfare of troops under his command should be thrown into the mix.

I don’t have to list all the examples. You see them every day on TV and in the newspapers. You’ve been seeing them from day one, from questions of his birth, which has never been resolved to the satisfaction of many.

We’ve had two presidents face impeachment charges in my lifetime. One of them resigned to escape a trial. The other beat the charges. They were pikers compared to the scoundrel in office now.

The adage “Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves” comes to mind, but in this case it’s “Give him enough rope and he’ll hang us all.”

There are so many heads on this hydra that it’s hard to count them. And it seems to grow more each day.

Mostly they attack our freedoms and our pocketbooks, but actually they hit every aspect of our lives, and they are blatant in their use of bribery and strong-arm tactics. Corporate executives as well as mobsters sit in prisons today for conduct that President Obama continues to emulate. What except a corrupt attorney general and a spineless Congress is keeping him from being charged with conducting a continuing criminal conspiracy?

Jim Falk




I am a proud grandparent who has enjoyed watching the Greenwave football team this year.

Although Fallon came close last year, nothing compares to the excitement the 2013 team has shown week after week.

I have enjoyed watching the team and despite their loss to Winnemucca, the Greenwave came back to defeat Fernley.

When Fallon last went to a state football game, the entire community turned out. We need the community support this Saturday, too.

Steve Sanders


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