Mailing Address: 1233 Windridge Dr., Carson City

Telephone: 775-841-3553


Explain your background and how this qualifies you for the position you are seeking.

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A lifelong resident of Carson City, I’ve been sheriff since 2003. I graduated from Carson High School in 1975. While serving in the Air Force and raising a family, I earned a bachelor of arts degree in criminal justice administration in 1984. I have earned a Law Enforcement Executive Management Certification, the highest level of peace officer status in Nevada. I have experience with the Department of Public Safety, Parole and Probation, and the Investigation Division. I’m a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Office of Special Investigations, specializing in narcotics, child abuse and major crimes investigations. As sheriff, I have implemented strategic planning practices benefiting efficient budgetary management, crime prevention, aggressive gang and narcotic enforcement, and juvenile programs. I have generated broad-based community enforcement and prevention programs such as enforcement of under-age drinking laws, tri-county gang enforcement, specialized gang and drug enforcement, juvenile delinquency prevention and alternative programs, D.A.R.E., Neighborhood Watch, Citizens Police Academy, and the largest, most efficient highly qualified reserve and volunteer programs ever. My active community outreach includes board membership on Partnership Carson City, the Boys & Girls Club, Circles, Ron Wood Family Resource Center and Connected Community.

What are the most important issues that you would address if elected?

My aggressive priorities target gang activities, narcotics, traffic safety, partnership collaborations, and working with youth and seniors. The implementation of my gang unit response initiative continues to smash at gang activities everywhere. It is imperative to continue these proactive programs implemented during this administration, all of which have given strong indications of steady success.

During my next term, this administration will emphasize dramatic improvements in the handling of senior citizen victim and abuse cases. I will continue to evaluate new initiatives that will strengthen our aggressive enforcement efforts to stop crimes. These include building opportunities through public awareness, active participation; grant funded opportunities, innovative enforcement, collaborative multi-jurisdictional crime operations, and inter-local agreements.

Building upon established community partnership efforts, this administration will focus on intensive prevention based programs. Heading into this next term, the department is featuring all new automated victim notification systems, sponsored by the state Attorney Generals Office, and secure community automation links from the Carson City jail to federal and homeland security data systems, sponsored by U.S. Immigration services. With staff reductions faced in 2010, the department will continue to work closely with city officials to hold down public safety costs without service level reductions.

Why should voters choose you over other candidates?

I have a proven record of aggressive action resulting in a higher quality of life. My administration engages in initiatives to develop public safety concepts that benefit everyone. My educational achievements, career broadening qualifications, and broad range of law enforcement experience are unapproachable by my opponent. My enthusiasm and energy have been witnessed around the clock everywhere in the community. I am highly visible, dedicated, responsive and accessible. Exemplified by my personal qualifications, I set long term goals and pursue objectives to achieve positive results. I bring this same philosophy to the department, with emphasis on open governing, accountability and responsibility; unapproachable by my opponent. The state reports that Carson City is 38 percent safer from crime, and residents are 206 percent more likely to see crimes resolved than when I took office; that’s leadership. The Sheriff’s Office’s participation and leadership in community juvenile programs has witnessed dramatic improvements in risk assessments; and I’m not done yet. With your support you will continue to see positive change, the sheriff in uniform, on-duty, open and accessible law enforcement, and a Sheriff’s Office engaged in the community. This is our community, and I am proud to serve you.



Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1151 Carson City Nevada, 89702

Telephone: 775-885-4000


Explain your background and how this qualifies you for the position you are seeking.

As of this August I will have been in law enforcement for 20 years. My background ranges from deputy, unit supervisor, sergeant, instructor, field training officer and S.W.A.T. commander. As the S.W.A.T commander I was responsible for the actions of team members and their safety, victims’ safety, suspects and the safety of our citizens that live in the surrounding area of the critical incident. I was also responsible for the team’s training and education. If the team was short on funds we would overcome and adapt through multiple grants, donations and out of our own pockets. With a limited budget the team was able to think outside the box and accommodate the needs of Carson.

What are the most important issues that you would address if elected?

I am completely disgusted with the gang and drug issue that has ruined our community’s quality of life. The gangs and drug dealers will not find a home and I will not be their friend. It is my goal to rid our community of this ongoing problem.

We need a special victims unit to investigate from start to finish child abuse, elder abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence. Our victims of violent crime deserve and demand our attention. Our senior citizens and victims of crime need our support and will have a say in their community.

Spending at the Sheriff’s Office needs to change in order to retain employees and bring back laid-off personnel. Under my administration, take-home vehicles and administrators’ pay will be cut. If the current tax base does not improve I am prepared to make additional cuts prior to the next fiscal year, ultimately keeping a qualified force to protect our citizens.

Why should voters choose you over other candidates?

Our team’s campaign is not against the other candidate, but it is against the true criminals of our city and for the citizens that are as fed up, as I am, with their actions. I truly believe that a sheriff or police chief should treat their community as their own front yard. If I awoke one morning to find gangs, drug dealers and thieves in my front yard I would clear it without hesitation and ensure that their return to my property would be more unpleasant than our first meeting. I will address and deal with the demands of our citizens and be judged on the merit of our work and not respond with political lip service. The one thing I would like everyone to remember about this 2010 campaign is that I am not a politician but am dedicated to bringing a better quality of life to Carson City.

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