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Letters to the editor

Supreme Court ruling nixes anti-gun claimThe letter “Second Amendment Not for Fighting Government” tried to make the anti gun owner argument by stating that after reading the wording used by the writers of our Constitution it was concluded, “There was absolutely no intent to give the individual citizen the capability to own firearms for his or her own pleasure and use as he or she saw fit.”The problem with this argument is those scholarly justices at the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2008 Columbia vs. Heller and again in 2010 McDonalds vs. Chicago that the Second Amendment protects the “individual’s right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes.”Period, end of argument, case closed.Ron BerglanCarson CityExtend term limits to White House, CongressHarry Reid needs to look in the mirror when talking about term limitsHarry, we all know you are a big wheel in Washington, D.C. But Harry, butting into our term limits is going too far. The voters in Nevada kind of like term limits. We get new ideas and do away with the ground-in thinking of folks who have been there too long.Look around at the folks in D.C. and you will see what I mean. When we watch the Senate or House in session, we see old elected officials that can’t talk or make sense about the subject in question. Just look around Harry and if you don’t agree, then maybe you have been there too long.Until we get new blood in the Senate and House, we are in deep trouble. And that includes the White House.Bill BeilCarson CityFamily grateful for aid from good people of Silver StateAt the Nevada Day parade, my husband became faint and felt like he was going to pass out. Our son helped him slowly lie down. A man sank to his knees and held my husband’s head and shoulders in his lap. There had been two deputy sheriffs patrolling the area where we were watching the parade. They immediately appeared and called the paramedics.I thanked the man who stepped forth to help and saw a man with an honest face and eyes as blue as our Nevada skies. The paramedics arrived and ran tests on Herm and could find nothing wrong, so they let him return to us.We are grateful to the two officers who get up each morning, put on uniforms and become targets for those who think they are exempt from the laws the rest of us try to obey. We are grateful to the paramedics who come to the rescue and give aid and comfort to those in distress. Most of all, we are grateful to live in a state where good people walk the street and step forward to help whenever there is a need.Many look at Nevada and see a barren state, but the true beauty of Nevada lies in the good people who walk our streets and bless our lives. What could have been a difficult time turned into one that will warm our hearts whenever it comes to mind, and it does often.Carolyn HancockSilver SpringsUnhappy state workers should open their eyesIn response to the letter from Reese Rigsby on Feb. 17 regarding state of Nevada employee sacrifices, I completely understand and sympathize with your frustration at seeing your benefits continually cut and paycheck lessened. However, I do not agree with the rest of your letter. You ask “What kind of boss doesn’t give any of his employees a raise for five years, only pay cuts, furlough days and ever-worsening benefits?” I’ll tell you. The private sector does. My husband has not had a raise for 7 years, health insurance premiums rise every year and they do not make any contribution to a retirement fund. My company imposed a 10 percent pay cut 4 years ago, does not pay any portion of our health insurance and does not make any contribution to a retirement account. Oh, and of course there are no bonuses. We both like the companies we work for and hope things will improve, but we do not demand that they compensate us better. If you think everything is so rosy everywhere else, have you looked around for a private sector job? Are you aware that most large casinos don’t even have paid holidays anymore?Again, I do understand your frustration, but I do not agree that state workers are any more entitled than any other worker. On the contrary, it seems to me they still have it pretty good.Linda McKenzieCarson City

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