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Letters to the editor

Michael Reagan crosses the line about ObamaTo Michael Reagan: Sir, I stopped reading your column after your disgusting remark about our commander in chief. You, and even I for that matter, may disagree with our president’s policies, but name calling is childish. “Golfer in Chief,” really? That’s not cute or funny, it’s just rude. The only reason you have a job is because you are the son of our former commander in chief, President Reagan. Be a man for once and get off your father’s coat tails. Show the same respect for the office your father received.Willy WebbGenoaTerm-limited lawmakers are servants of the publicTo the members of the Nevada Legislature: this is in response to the recent address of U.S. Sen. Harry Reid calling for the end of “un-American” term limits.I will begin by reminding you that the U.S. and Nevada Constitutions, which frame our government, begin with, “We the people.” This is a reminder that it is the government who is subservient to the people; the officers and representatives we elect have a duty first and foremost to the citizenry which they serve.The people of Nevada believed that term limits were necessary, and so set out to amend the Nevada Constitution. In accordance with amending process, petitions were circulated, and enough voter signatures obtained to place the item on the ballot. The question was voted upon twice, and approved by voters on both occasions. The will of the people is quite clear: we want term limits in place.And this is the act that is un-American? The people exercising their democratic rights as sovereigns of this land? What could possibly be more American than standing up at the ballot box and reminding the government that it serves us!People want and approved term limits, and I sincerely hope that none of the elected officials who represent us are considering reversing the term limits amendment. Should they choose to do so, I do not doubt that we the people will remind them at the next election who really runs this state when we vote them out of office.Christopher MacMahonDaytonOur parole system works; let’s not copy California’s I am writing to express my opposition to Gov. Sandoval’s proposed transfer of parole supervision from the Division of Parole and Probation to the Department of Corrections. On Feb. 7, Department of Corrections Director Cox testified that Nevada has one of the lowest recidivism rates in the country, approximately 40 percent lower than the national average. Nevada also enjoys one of the highest parole success rates in the country.In spite of this history of excellence, Gov. Sandoval’s budget includes a plan to have Nevada’s parole supervision plan follow the California model. This is the model responsible for the complete failure to supervise parolee Phillip Garrido so that his kidnap and rape of Jaycee Lee Dugard could continue for 18 years.This plan makes a complete mockery of the term “criminal justice” and is an insult to victims of crime. Both testimony by Director Cox and documents submitted by the Department of Corrections make it clear the intent of this reorganization is to guarantee fewer parolees will be returned to prison for technical violations of their parole.For the record, a child molester having contact with a child is “just a technical violation” until they kidnap, rape or murder that child. When convicted felons know they face few consequences for violating the terms of their parole, we are all less safe on the streets and in our homes.Nancy TiffanyCarson City

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