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Letters to the editor

Educate yourself on today’s important issues

Chuck Muth is right in his column on Feb. 22 in the Nevada Appeal. Compromise should be used at all levels of government. We see very little of this, and it is disgraceful.

We, the people, are really at fault because we don’t make our government leaders accountable. If you’re a Democrat, whatever Democrat leaders say “must” be true and vice versa for Republicans. Wouldn’t it make more sense to do a little sleuthing to find out what the truth actually is, and is it in the best interest of “all” U.S. citizens, so that we can make our leaders accountable?

This president has a bully pulpit, which simply means he can speak whenever and wherever he chooses. His appearances are usually accompanied by a backdrop of people who he says will be “done in” if what he is pushing doesn’t happen. Scare tactics!

Conservatives don’t have the luxury of using a bully pulpit, so their side of an issue is usually lost on Obama’s followers. Most media outlets, whether news publications, television, radio, Internet, etc., are liberal and savor Obama’s every word. At this point, compromise dies because he says, “I have a mandate.”

Fox News might be dirty words to liberals, but both sides of an issue are debated. Followers of Fox find them to be “fair and balanced.” It might be worth your time to try Fox News so you can make an educated assessment of today’s very important issues. Do your homework!

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D.C. has made Reid out of touch with Nevadans

Invited to “lecture” Nevada’s Legislature on how Nevada should be run? Well, it’s not the first time the senator has taken that approach.

You may remember last session when Reid told the Legislature that Nevada should do away with “legal” brothels, as it was hurting Nevada’s image. Obviously he didn’t have a clue then as to just how much those businesses pump into those rural counties and in turn support the schools, county operations, infrastructures, etc. (Take Lincoln County’s problems in the early 1990s for example.) Nevada’s Legislature was smart enough to ignore that idea then.

Now the dear senator has called Nevada voters “wrong-headed” and “un-American” for voting in term limits in the state’s constitution in 1996, by more than 70 percent I might add. No Harry, the voters have spoken, so get over it!

It seems that all those years back in Washington, D.C., has turned the “regular ol’ guy” from Searchlight into one of the “elite” that knows what’s best for his Nevadan “subjects.”

Maybe it’s time for some good ol’ Nevada sense regarding term limits to be put into this country’s constitution, too.

Just my thoughts.

Mike Zola

Carson City

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