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Letters to the editor

Movies in the state mean jobs in the stateI believe that the governor of Nevada and a number of its legislators need to go see or rent a new major movie and at the end watch all the credits. One will quickly realize the hundreds of individuals and business that go into the making of a single movie. Many of these professions, like craft services, purchase locally much of the food and material that goes into a production. True some of these Hollywood types are very liberal, but political agenda should not get in the way of jobs for Nevadans.The new hot TV series “Vegas” is not filmed in Nevada. You claim what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. How about applying that to jobs and money? More business is good business.Bob BlairDaytonWe can’t enforce current gun controlOn the legislative agenda, as reported in this newspaper, discussion on gun control because the incident at Sandy Hook elementary School forced them to take a look at the issue. Gave them the opportunity, would be more accurate to say.We can’t enforce the laws we have. A man with whom I worked was killed recently in this town by an ex-fellon with a hand gun. That is just one reason citizens need adequate arms. The criminals certainly will have them.Another is the Second Amendment was put in the Constitution so that Americans could defend themselves from oppressive government. Thomas Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”If the rebels had only to fight King George’s army with swords and arrows, there would be no America. If this government were serious about protecting children in this country, they would stiffen punishments for drunk driving. But instead they make mileage of a personal tragedy to forward their fascist agenda.It is not enough they have a drone in store for any of us who might organize against them. They want us completely disarmed. And anyone helping them to springboard off the grief of these families in Connecticut to achieve their goal is as criminal as the man who pulled the trigger.Kelly JonesCarson City

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