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Letters to the editor

Both parties misguided in wake of NewtownWhen the First Amendment joins with the Second Amendment, massacres happen. The Democrats point the finger of blame for the Newtown shootings at the Republicans who support gun ownership. They have the right target, but for the wrong reason. Starting with Ronald Reagan, mental health facilities have been shuttered and mental health services have been eliminated by the taxaphobe’s zeal to lower taxes. The result: crazy people kill people.The Democrats are equally culpable in the Newtown horror. They staunchly support Hollywood’s First Amendment right to produce entertainment glorifying violence which trivializes the value of human life. Video game creators are worse. The carnage they celebrate encourages young men who are already unstable to slip over the edge into homicidal insanity.The news media, particularly the cable networks, profit from their First Amendment right to advertise and immortalize the demented assassins. Their voyeuristic coverage of the slaughters inspires more publicity seeking madmen to gain their moments of infamy.Until Republicans start funding mental health programs and agree to some tuning up of the Second Amendment, and Democrats stop denying the disastrous effects of glorified violence protected by the First Amendment, the massacres will continue.Phil StottsCarson CityColumnist didn’t know scriptures, missed outSecond response to Mr. Bob Thomas, sir, in called to contend for the faith, and in all due respect to God, and you, sir, I must speak out, Jude 1:3, and again I shall do just that.What part of 1 Timothy 2:5: “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,” do you not understand?Where in all that verse, or even in all the King James Bible, do you read that Mary can intercede for you or anyone else? Mary was a sin sick lost soul, just like us all. She was used in a special service to God and was highly favored and blessed of God, but she wasn’t any more loved of God than anyone else.As for Jesus obeying Mary at the wedding in Cana, Jesus rebuked her, read John 2:4. He was waiting on his Father’s leading because he came to do his Father’s will, which was to fulfill all the law and prophesy concerning himself. In the Old Testament, perfectly, that’s how the Jews would know that he was their true Messiah. But like yourself, they did not know their scriptures and missed out. They, like most people today, were willingly ignorant, turning to man rather than God’s written word. For truth, stop believing the lie. Believe the King James Bible and go to God the Father in Jesus’ name. Read Isaiah 45:22. Mary is dead, she cannot hear your prayers, but God the Father can and will, if you pray in Jesus’ name.Rosalee Barnwell HintonCarson City

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