Review of prospective fee changes for food establishments is Thursday |

Review of prospective fee changes for food establishments is Thursday


A review of proposed changes in the code and permit fees governing food establishments in Carson City could spark considerable business interest Thursday.Under the changes, fees would rise considerably for some casinos and fall for some other establishments. They will be subject to public input at the session, which is set for 6:30 p.m. in the Bonanza Room of the Carson City Community Center, 851 E. William St.Dustin Boothe, Carson City Health and Human Services manager for the department’s Division of Disease Prevention and Control, said the proposed fee changes would be in line with the total number of permits at each establishment.“There’s nothing set in stone,” he said, noting after the review that there could be changes before taking the proposals to the Board of Supervisors. The board, he said, also could change that draft.“Some properties are going to see huge increases,” said Ronni Hannaman, director at the Chamber of Commerce, presuming the draft manages to get through the process unchanged. For example, she indicated, Casino Fandango would see a more than fourfold fee increase, the Carson Nugget more than threefold. Both currently pay $300.Boothe said other fees will come down, and his division’s fee take overall would increase only from about $25,000 to $37,000.He also said the proposals contrast favorably with those in neighboring Lyon and Washoe counties, according to his calculations.“It will raise some more money, but it’s not like it’s doubling my budget,” he said. Current estimates are that the changes would raise $11,545 in fees from the establishments.He also said the draft code would retain language that calls for inspections once or twice a year, but change a provision regarding mobile food units.Currently, mobile units are only allowed to stay in one location for a half-hour. The change would allow them to be in one spot for up to four hours.Boothe also said he was planning at week’s end to post the prospective changes online and would be taking written reactions from people unable to attend Thursday’s meeting.

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