Mark Twain Elementary School students win awards |

Mark Twain Elementary School students win awards

Staff report

Erich Slabaugh

Fifth grade award recipients for 2007 are:

Overall top boy and girl*

Erich Slabaugh

Jaake Taylor

Academic Awards

Gary Morrison’s Class

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All A’s:

Carlie Tate, Carly Schmidlin, Marielle Samii, Bradley Miller, Tegan Morris, Keegan Allen, Natali Salas-Espana

All A’s and B’s:

Bianca Miranda, Danny Limon, Everest Conard, Randy Rosales

John Test’s Class

All A’s and B’s:

Jake Blake, Itzel Garcia, Paige Hemsley, Brooke Lee, Jessica Marquez, Dawn Miles, Jaake Taylor

Cathy Evan’s Class

All A’s:

Christina Allen and Robert Caramazzi

All A’s and B’s:

Gabriela Trujillo, Conner Sulewski, Jamie Perez-Galvan, Zach Amato, Kiley Bryant, Chelsea Kivi, Itzel Fausto, Miette Lopez

Cheryl Richetta’s Class

All A’s and B’s:

Racquel Bailey, Courtney Betrue, Casey Cathey-Gault, David Ceballos, Karla Ceballos, Chrislyn Lyons, Brooke Presley, Marlenne Quirarte, Andrea Senda, Erich Slabaugh

* Award is based on academics, behavior, effort and overall good attitude.

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