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June 8, 2014
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Keep Wheeler in Assembly

Assemblyman Jim Wheeler recently received the Courage Under Fire Award from Citizen Outreach. Read why he should be re-elected:

Jim Wheeler was a major unheralded success story for conservatives in 2012. He blazed a trail that many other conservative candidates are following. After then-incumbent Kelly Kite voted to extend $620 million worth of “temporary” tax hikes in 2011, Jim signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and ran against him in the 2012 Republican primary. And won.

He kept his promise to oppose and vote against all tax increases — including the “sunsets” — in the 2013 legislative session, he chalked up the second most conservative voting record in Citizen Outreach’s annual Ratings of the Legislature. With a record like that, the long knives have been out.

In a speech, Jim used an unfortunate analogy regarding slavery to make a point about how committed he was to representing the interests of his constituents. His comments were taken out of context and used to ridicule him.

As a result, Jim soon drew a Republican primary opponent. As a part-time citizen legislator, it would have been an easy and understandable decision for Jim to throw up his hands and say, “I don’t need this.” Instead, he filed for re-election and is in a position to retain his seat despite the maelstrom of controversy. And for that, Jim has certainly earned our Conservative Courage under Fire Award for this year.

Please, vote to return Jim Wheeler to the State Assembly on June 10.

Patrick Paine

Virginia City

Seeking candidate’s opinions

I want to know before there’s finger pointing, it’s not publicized very well when the candidates are going to be at public meetings.

I understand Steve Adams was going to be at the Stagecoach town board meeting in June, and I put a flier on the public bulletin board and it was taken down. I wonder, who would do that?

But my husband was talking to a store owner in Mark Twain and was told you couldn’t put a campaign sign on public bulletin boards. I would like to hear what all candidates running for sheriff for Lyon County have to say.

Carol Grows


Wheeler willing to listen

After attending Douglas County commissioners meeting and seeing how they do not listen to the publics opinion, I find it refreshing that Jim Wheeler is willing to listen and even act on what his constituents say. To me, that is what an elected official is supposed to do, instead of having a hidden agenda or being influenced by PACS.

Thelma Rogers


Knecth right choice for Controller

The Nevada primary elections are very close and I’d like to say a word about Ron Knecht.

Ron is running for the Office of State Controller. The Controller has a detailed and serious position to ensure that the state’s funds are spent as intended and to audit the auditors.

I’ve known Ron for a number of years, and I’ve never seen anyone challenge his integrity or his character. Ron has been endorsed by the Board of Regents, the Nevada Republican Party, the Republican Assembly, the NRA and others. Ron is against Common Core and has stood up for the taxpayer. He is as conservative a man as I know.

Tony Pilant

Carson City

Wheeler, Schmidt guard our wallets

I dread the legislative sessions. I have to read bills and guard my rights ­and my wallet! That’s why I’ve supported Jim Wheeler in Assembly District 39. He’s not raised taxes or voted to expand government or regulation, and he was named Nevada’s No. 1 legislator by the American Conservative Union and the Nevada Policy Research Institute. Jim Wheeler must be re-elected.

On the other hand, you have Ben Kieckhefer, running for re-election in Senate District 16. His record has been abysmal; Kieckhefer never met a tax he didn’t like. He also supported Obamacare, Common Core and challenged your gun rights with his support of SB277. I was honored to be on the Nevada Republican Party’s Endorsement Committee, and when we interviewed Kieckhefer’s opponent in Senate District 16, Gary Schmidt, I was so relieved that a real Constitutionalist with a vast background in business was running for this seat. Schmidt signed the “No New Taxes” pledge and will reduce government regulations. He opposes Common Core and Obamacare and fully supports your gun rights, including campus carry.

Unlike his opponent, whose donor list is a yard long, Schmidt takes no money from lobbyists. Schmidt’s campaign is 100 percent personally funded. He has no strings attached! Wheeler and Schmidt will sunset taxes! They will oppose bureaucracy and government regulation. They won’t vote for new taxes. That is why both Jim Wheeler and Gary Schmidt received the official endorsement from the Nevada Republican Party. Please vote for them on June 10.

Cynthia Kennedy

Virginia City

O’Neill will listen to the people

What sort of person do you want to represent Carson City in the Nevada State Assembly?

For me I want a person that will listen to the people. A person that will search for facts and ask questions before making public statements. A person that is level headed and fair. Above all else, I want a person that is truthful. That person is P.K. O’Neill.

Unlike P.K., his opponent fails to exercise simple prudent investigation of issues, thereby rendering himself ignorant of pertinent facts. Misrepresenting events and spouting off in public about issues he is ignorant of is not a quality I want in my legislator. Jed Block does not have the qualities I want in my legislator.

P.K. has my full support and vote. I encourage all voters to vote for P.K.

Maurice White

Carson City

Wheeler relects constituents’ values

Give Assembly District 39 candidate Robin Reedy credit for trying to unring an alarm bell. At a recent candidate forum, she said (with a straight face) that friends and family were funding her campaign; the truth came out in her latest C & E report.

Of the $45,000, she raised last period, only a small fraction came from donors within the district — $20,000 from greater Las Vegas, $4,200 from out-of-state, another $15,000 from outside AD39. We were told this campaign came out of a grass roots demand to replace a do-nothing legislator!

It didn’t take much digging to find out that the one man PAC (sending you those heard-it-all-before anti-Wheeler lies, half-truths, and innuendo) shares funding sources with the Reedy campaign.

Some of Reedy’s entrenched special interest donors want higher taxes and more regulations to kill off smaller competitors. Others do business with the government and benefit when it gets bigger. These out-of-town high rollers are fed up with Assemblyman Wheeler, whose performance-based awards and endorsements (most recently from the NRA) reflect his constituents’ values, not theirs. Any pretense of honor, honesty, and campaigning on the issues has been disposed of. Their puppet candidate isn’t up to the job, so it’s time to tear down the incumbent.

Thank Robin Reedy for bringing “mud-slinging” politics to AD39!

Marshall Goldy


Dump the teachers union

It is very obvious that most of us realize that the margins tax initiative would be a disaster for business and a plague on the state. However, there is another plague on the state that we should all be concerned with, especially those of us with children. That plague, already with us, must be eliminated. The biggest and worst workers union not in just Nevada but the entire country is the teachers union.

Many decades ago when I was in grammar school, we had 30 plus in most classes. There were no teachers aids; there was a principal and a vice principal who was also the counselor. Also, we always had enough supplies, books, paper, pencils, etc. Nowadays, the grammar schools (oh, that is right, elementary schools — they no longer teach much grammar) are top-heavy with administration and teachers.

Of course, the teachers union always wants more teachers for a bigger and even more powerful union, so they initiated the margins tax. We do not need more money for schools, we need fewer teachers so that the money can be spent more wisely. Please, dump the teachers union for the sake of the children!

John O. Rough

Carson City

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