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July 24, 2014
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Muth’s rant was outrageous

It is that time again for the Nevada Appeal Editor to look at the commentators who contribute to our newspaper’s Opinion Page. Last Friday’s rant by Chuck Muth was outrageous. So he had a bad day! He complained about Verizon and a casino worker following the rules. Then, for no good reason, he blames it on the liberals! Do we have to pay good money for a newspaper that allows such trifle? Surely there are smart, intelligent people out there who can write a column and demonstrate good insight into today’s issues; people who can express their opinions graciously and give thoughtful solutions to the issues; people who know the real facts. Not people who just rant and rave about their own problems. We the readers want to read interesting, intelligent, factual comments from a diverse group of people not angry, old white men. For years now we have had to contend with Guy Farmer and Chuck Muth. Men who may have been productive in their younger years but now are redundant. It is time for angry, old white men to silently go away. It is time for the Nevada Appeal to give us something that is worth reading and paying for.

Margaret Konieczny

Carson City

Opinions are like rear ends

To the commentator that feels the need to bash Shirk, as the saying goes “opinions” are like rear ends, everyone has one. Jim Shirk you have my vote for Mayor.

Sunni Enciso

Carson City

Obama Fundraiser in Chief

What can President Obama be thinking in devoting so much of his time to political fundraising at the expense of his official duties? In the past three weeks, Obama will attend 10 fundraisers, including Denver, Dallas, San Francisco and Beverly Hills as well as two fundraisers each in Seattle, Austin and New York. He is in full “campaign mode” at a time of international crises in Ukraine and Israel-Gaza and a wave of illegal immigrants flooding into South Texas. While all Presidents raise political money, Obama is remarkably devoted to it. According to CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller, Obama has attended 393 fundraisers since taking office compared with George W. Bush’s 318 at the same point in his presidency. What is unusual about Obama is his lack of judgement. At the time of the Benghazi attack, Obama left immediately for a fundraiser in Las Vegas and a campaign appearance in Colorado. When the Russians stormed into Crimea, Obama attended a fundraiser declaring “this is now officially happy hour with the Democratic Party.” When Islamic terrorists captured Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, Obama headed to a California fundraiser. A Quinnipiac Poll found 54 percent of voters think Obama (“The Fundraiser in Chief”) has not been competent at running the government.

Jim Hartman


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