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August 1, 2014
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Home to a nurtured government

I read Bo Staham’s column about Canada. He is incredibly wise and thoughtful. His wisdom will be missed. He, I guess, is selling his house along with his firearms and moving to a much superior place, Canada. There he can be “nurtured” by his government. There his government can change its leaders “willy nilly” to suit some one’s need. Alas, I have decided to stay here, ready to fight my government nurturing attempts, decided by those who claim to be wise and thoughtful, to nurture whom they wish. But, in Bo’s utopia, the nurturing is for all. Unfortunately, Bo doesn’t realize that nurturing has a price. A person who thinks beyond the words “free stuff” and “government nurturing” will realize, some day, that the price will be like the casino signs that tout “97 percent return,” the other 3 percent go, then the “benevolent government.” I’m also kind of concerned that they will raise their “take,” and the sheep will follow because they are “nurtured by the government” until all that is left is government with no teats to suckle. And, for all progressives who read this, I am not “anti-government.” I like government, in its rightful place, not in every place.

Michaet Tipton

Carson City

Uncontrolled immigration

The Native Americans lost their nations and way of life because their leaders did not, would not, or could not control immigration across their borders. The Hawaiians lost their kingdom and way of life because their leaders did not, would not, then could not, control their immigrants. The common factors to each event were powerful, unscrupulous, business interests, religious organizations, unwary citizens, new strains of diseases and unscrupulous, complicit officials in Washington, D.C. Today, in America, we have powerful, unscrupulous, business interests, religious organizations, unwary citizens and unscrupulous, complicit officials in Washington, D.C., allowing un-controlled immigration into this country — with new strains of diseases. An interesting parallel, with what result? Any leader showing resistance, as in the case of Arizona, is met by the full force of these groups and the federal government.

Ed Bauckham


Items being taken in Carson City

My wife and I empathize with Mr. Goudswaard (letter on Sunday, July 20) about his wagon wheel being taken out of his yard. Sometime in the past few weeks some thieves took our old steel wheelbarrow from our front yard. This was special to us as it was given to us by my wife’s now-deceased father. It has been in our yard for 17 years as part of our landscaping. Times have certainly changed in Carson City over the last 40 years. It makes us sad that these thieves think it is okay to take people’s family memories from their yards. We hope if someone sees these items appear in a neighbor’s yard, pawn shop, or recycling center, they will do the right thing and call the sheriff’s department. And to the thieves — these things had more sentimental value to us than any value you will derive from them.

Kerry Garcia

Carson City

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