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April 28, 2013
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Let public decide Carson Street proposal

Although I am obviously concerned about my business, the entire health and revenue generated from Carson Street businesses from the north bypass to the eventual south completion are at high risk. The 50 percent completed bypass has reduced traffic on Carson Street from 28,000 to 18,000 cars per day (36 percent). The full completion of the bypass is estimated to further reduce this by another 10 percent. City staff has estimated that the “2-lane” proposal alone will reduce traffic by another 35 percent.

All retail businesses rely on traffic counts. Magnifying the further loss of traffic to possibly benefit a small minority of full Carson Street businesses seems very shortsighted. I support downtown efforts and feel the 20/20 group has many great ideas. But, if their efforts are detrimental to businesses north and south of them, this is very unhealthy for Carson City as a whole.

My major concerns are traffic reduction; fence removal (one accident, death or serious injury as a result of this will leave my favorite people, attorneys, salivating); Cost (I have heard that this project can be done for $40,000; who is willing to guarantee taxpayers of this cost limit?); Safety (limiting traffic means limited emergency accessibility); Business loss (we have lost so much to Topsy Lane already, how are we going to get tenants with further reduced traffic counts?).

It is too important to not be put before a public vote. If the citizens of Carson City agree, then I believe it is called Democracy.

Daryl Reedy

Owner of Arby’s

Thomas’ opinion is uniformed

An opinion is “an expression of personal attitude or judgment that rests on grounds that are insufficient to produce certainty.” We all have them. Some are “informed” and others are “uninformed.”

The latter are usually derived from prejudice, ignorance, half-truths and fabrications. They often morph from opinion to diatribe and tend toward the melodramatic.

Bob Thomas managed to cover all those bases in drawing his conclusions about the possible identity, nationality and motivation of those responsible for the Boston bombing.

After reaffirming his intolerance of Islam, he concludes though that it couldn’t have been a Muslim terrorist since he didn’t blow himself up. Maybe the bomber was a right-wing nut case going after marathoners because they are into healthy living and therefore Liberals?

But why then did all the allegedly comfortable, conservative, older bystanders suffer the majority of casualties?

After a gratuitous slap at the president for expressing his sorrow at the bombing (what would he have said had a President Romney made a similar statement?), he launches into a harangue of the Weathermen, rants against today’s (and yesterday’s) kids, and finally points a finger at the parents of the 1960s and 1970s who, in his view, failed society in just about every way. (Thanks Mom and Dad. Love, peace and rock ‘n’ roll!)

It is past time to replace Mr. Thomas’ “opinion” column with one from anyone, of any political stripe, able to view events with a critical, informed eye instead of one that is so obviously jaundiced.

Terry Knight

Carson City

A Christian will show you God’s love

We just got home from a trip, so I don’t know what Bill said that caused Mr. Adrian’s response. Mr. Adrian uses scriptures from the Old Testament for his argument against God. The Old Testament is God’s covenant with the Jewish people. God made a new covenant with all people when he sent his only begotten son, Jesus, to earth to die for our sins. This is the New Testament. It is your choice to be stuck with your secular humanism and have a third millennium evolved morality because God gives us free will.

Jesus teaches us as Christians to love you. If you ever want to find out what our God has to offer you, find a Christian who loves and follows Jesus and he will open your eyes to the love God has for you.

Laurence C. Pederson

Carson City

Liberals ruining the country

I just received a call from the Disabled Veterans for a donation. I must say, I had to speak my peace. Here’s why.

The president and Congress are giving money for illegal aliens and military arms and money to the Brotherhood in Egypt, money for food stamps and unemployment instead of jobs and a railroad to nowhere.

You can sure tell that the liberals running Washington never served in the Army, Navy or Marines. Take Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Biden and Schumer, all five couldn’t form a brain

And this is what the public voted for. May God help us.

Carol Koons

Carson City

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