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June 15, 2013
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Sandoval protected state from big-money interests

The lesson the public should take away from the veto of SB221 is that Governor Sandoval refused to let an outside big-money liberal group criminalize private firearms transactions in Nevada.

New York Mayor Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” has been passing out campaign cash around the country to kneecap our Second Amendment rights. Democrat Nevada legislators sold out their constituents’ civil rights by passing SB221 in return for donation dollars. At least voters know whose principles can be bought when the next election roles around.

Bloomberg’s Nevada posse kept repeating the phrase “reasonable steps” and cited phony polling numbers, but never offered any proof that universal background checks would actually prevent crime. In fact, the evidence is to the contrary. About the only strict gun control jurisdiction that has lowered gun crime is New York City, primarily because of stop-and-frisk, a street-level enforcement program that puts anyone caught with an illegal gun in prison.

Community organizers have successfully kept stop-and-frisk out of slaughterhouses like Chicago, where felons are allowed to plea-bargain gun charges away. It’s racial profiling, don’t you know. These same groups are now suing New York to end this effective crime-fighting tactic. Ironic, huh?

We know from what’s happened in California that universal background checks, a form of gun registration, lead to confiscation.

Thank you, Governor Sandoval.

Lynn Muzzy


District unlocked area early, leading to theft of cellphone

I was in attendance at the Carson High graduation last Saturday to watch my son graduate and I dropped my phone under the bleachers. Upon going down to retrieve it I discovered that it is now fenced off and locked. The school employee spoken to stated that a lot of people had been dropping things so right after the ceremony they were going to unlock the fences. That way everyone that dropped something can retrieve their items at the same time. This sounded reasonable.

About halfway through the graduation my husband happened to be passing that area and there was a bunch of kids that were down there. It seems one of the gates were now unlocked and there was no supervision occurring. These kids figured out that if you crawled to the front of the bleachers you could access the entire length and access all areas. Well to say the least they stole my phone with irreplaceable contacts, photos and videos on it. The school had nothing to say to this. No one turned in my phone at the school or the police department.

I am very sad about this and wanted to ask did the parents of these children know what their kids were doing and what they may have in their possession? Can you ask them and search for my phone and maybe if possible keep an eye on them next time as I am sure you wouldn’t want this to happen to you?

Jessica Vannucci

Carson City

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