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October 15, 2013
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On Oct. 9, in her bi-weekly ‘blame-game’ column, Jeanette Strong was in better form than usual in digging up bones.

If President G. W. Bush had a time machine and saw the damage from hurricane Katrina before it happened he would have used common sense and had emergency services and housing in place. Does Ms. Strong ever mention that many victims of hurricane Sandy are still awaiting help?

President Bush was not notified in advance about the attacks on 9/11; but with a time machine he would have prevented the 9/11 tragedy altogether. In the case of Bengazi, embassy officials begged for additional security months in advance and were ignored. How dare Ms. Strong compare 9/11 to Bengazi? Only four victims, she says. Any victim of terrorism is one too many, especially when it’s known that attack is imminent.

Heaven forbid that a Republican make an error in off the cuff remarks, such as leaving out an adjective such as ‘domestic’ when speaking of terrorism, or that one cannot remember the exact number of Democrats in the Senate in 2004. Those supposed shortcomings will be fodder for Ms. Strong’s blame games for years to come; but when President Obama made his comment about ‘all 57 states’ it was just because he was tired, soon forgiven by Democrats.

According to Ms. Strong, the liberal publication, the “Washington Post,” is the only believable news source in existence; and anyone who watches even ten minutes of Fox News is a blithering idiot, doomed to fail, proven by the “National Assessment of Educational Progressive” that concludes Red State Republicans do not come close to Blue State Democrats in intelligence.

Unfortunately common sense is not taught in school; so is seldom found on the road to Washington D.C., When it is found, it’s blocked by Democrats placing blame on the past. Let’s hope that a time machine, loaded with common sense, is traveling into the future to take our country off the path to oblivion.

Gwen Washburn

Churchill County

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