Stats: 3A Girls’ Golf |

Stats: 3A Girls’ Golf

staff reports at Desert Lakes, Fernley Team Scores Truckee 472-483-955 Boulder City 496-472-968 Pahrump 494-497-991 Fernley 519-490-1009 Incline 533-482-1015 N. Tahoe 530-496-1026 Manogue 545-527-1072 Virgin Valley 628-565-1193 Individual scores Jones (NT) 87-81-168 Trudeau (Tru) 83-86-169 Harter (Tru) 82-95-177 Gillig (BC) 89-91-180 McDonald (BC) 91-90-181 Hopkins (P) 87-94-181 Oberly (I) 97-85-182 Grace (BC) 98-85-183 Mays (Spring Creek) 90-95-185 Eilrich (F) 99-86-185 Jandebuer (F) 97-91-188 Apadoca (P) 94-99-193 Jurey (Wells) 98-95-193 Raner (P) 96-101-197 Milani (NT) 100-100-200 DeCarlo (T) 102-98-200 Thomas (F) 99-102-201 Ayers (SC) 102-100-202 Turner (V) 99-104-203 Davis (T) 105-98-203 Ziamowski (I) 105-99-204 Hills (I) 109-95-204 Waller (T) 100-106-206 Cross (P) 103-104-207 Ellsworth (I) 107-100-207 Harless (Battle Mountain) 106-102-108 Feinberg (M) 105-105-210 Williams (BC) 108-102-210 Spencer (BM) 112-98-210 Elston (M) 106-105-211 H. Dillon (M) 113-99-212 Nilson (P) 114-99-213 Harrison (BC) 110-104-214 Adams (NT) 111-103-214 Stewart (M) 112-104-216 Reeder (F) 110-108-218 Connors (I) 115-103-218 Gonzales (F) 114-107-221 Hordswick (Whittel) 118-103-218 Strachan (BC) 117-105-222 Inman (Hawthorne) 119-104-223 Whittlinger (NT) 120-105-225 Leming (Moapa) 119-108-227 Hagan (I) 120-109-229 Dodd (V) 123-106-229 Hendryx (Round Mtn.) 118-113-231 Harlow (NT) 125-107-232 Kirk (F) 128-104-232 Calvanese (M) 109-124-233 Washington (P) 114-119-233 Giomi (Yerington) 115-118-233 Leonard (Mo) 121-113-234 Partridge (NT) 112-128-240 Robertson (Yer) 118-123-241 Fair (White Pine) 120-124-244 Walstrom (T) 128-119-247 Schearer (V) 130-117-247 Hermann (WP) 129-124-253 C. Dillon (M) 140-114-254 Faught (V) 131-125-256 Skog (Dayton) 131-127-258 Milachowski (V) 145-132-277 Frehner (V) 164-113-277

3A Girls Golf State Championships

Desert Lakes, Fernley Team results: Truckee 472, Pahrump 494, Boulder City 496, Fernley 519, N. Tahoe 530, Incline 533, Manogue 545, Virgin Valley Individual results: Harter (T) 82, Trudeau (T) 83, Jones (NT) 87, Hopkins (P) 87, Gillig (BC) 89, Mays (Spring Creek) 90, McDonald (BC) 91, Apadoca (P) 94, Raner (P) 96, Janderbuer (F) 97, Oberly (I) 97, Jurey (Wells) 98, Grace (BC) 98, Ellrich (F) 99, Thomas (F) 99, Turner (V) 99, Waller (T) 100, Milani (NT) 100, Ayers (SC) 102, DeCarlo (T) 102, Cross (P) 103, Davis (T) 105, Feinberg (M) 105, Ziamowski (I) 105, Harless (Battle Mountain) 106, Elston (M) 106, Ellsworth (I) 107, Williams (BC) 108, Calvanese (M) 109, Hills (I) 109, Reeder (F) 110, Harrison (BC) 110, Adams (NT) 111, Partridge (NT) 112, Spencer (BM) 112, Stewart (M) 112, Dillon (M) 113, Washington (P) 114, Nilson (P) 114, Gonzales (F) 114, Giomi (Yer) 115, Connors (I) 115, Strachan (BC) 117, Hordswick (Whittel) 118, Leming (Moapa) 119, Inman (Hawthorne) 119, Fair (White Pine) 120, Whittlinger (NT) 120, Hagan (I) 120, Leonard (Moa) 121, Dodd (V) 123, Harlow (NT) 125, Walstrom (T) 128, Hermann (WP) 129, Schearer (V) 130, Skog (Day) 131, Faught (V) 131, Dillon (M) 140, Milachowski (V) 145, Frehner (V) 164

Hutchinson vs. Flores for No. 2 post

In the closely watched lieutenant governor's race, state Sen. Mark Hutchison defeated one-time U.S. Senate hopeful Sue Lowden, who lost the 2010 primary to tea party darling Sharron Angle in the race for Sen. Harry Reid's seat. Hutchison will face Democrat Lucy Flores, a two-term assemblywoman from Las Vegas who also easily won her primary with more than 70 percent of the vote. Flores has U.S. Sen. Harry Reid's support to become Nevada's first black lieutenant governor. Flores defeated Navy veteran Harley Kulkin. Flores enjoyed the support of Reid in her bid for lieutenant governor, whose primary job is to oversee tourism in Nevada. Hutchison, a first-term senator and wealthy lawyer from Las Vegas, had the backing of Gov. Brian Sandoval. Hutchison's campaign ads attacked Lowden for making contributions to Reid's re-election campaigns in the 1980s. Sandoval's popularity has many Republicans wanting him to serve only half of a final term and run in 2016 against Reid, the Democratic majority leader. Hutchison said he and Sandoval will run as a team in a "dual campaign." "We have a very similar governing philosophy," he said. Sandoval "is popular for a reason" and puts "Nevadans first." Sandoval dismisses speculation he may have his sights set on higher office.

1999 U.S. Bank/NIAA GIrls Golf

STATE Championships Canyon Gate Country Club, Las Vegas Team standings Green Valley 393-401-794 Bishop Gorman 435-430-865 Durango 438-447-885 Galena 481-462-943 Reno 479-499-978 Palo Verde 519-504-1023 Wooster 524-505-1029 Carson 553-532-1085 Individual standings C. Fernandez (GV) 73-80-153 M. Fernandez (GV) 78-75-153 Kindig (GV) 75-79-154 Gill (Gal) 77-77-154 Auten (Bonanza) 79-76-155 Reilly (BG) 79-76-155 Welch (Dur) 78-78-156 De’Ath (GV) 80-78-158 Andrews (Dur) 75-84-159 Chappell (Churchill County) 78-81-159 Monteiro (Bon) 82-80-162 Hentzner (BG) 83-80-163 Faber (Dur) 84-83-167 Oliver (Hug) 83-86-169 Webb (BG) 82-90-172 Detomasi (CC) 83-90-173 Lee (Silverado) 85-91-176 Folosine (Reno) 84-93-177 Miranda (Cimarron) 87-90-177 Baxter (Car) 91-88-179 Dionne (GV) 87-92-179 Wallin (BG) 91-88-179 A. Nelson (Woo) 93-87-180 Cohen (GV) 96-89-185 Ely (Gal) 93-92-185 Nunn (Reno) 88-98-186 Butts (SLT) 93-96-189 Schlosser (Gal) 104-87-191 K. Nelson (Woo) 96-98-194 Maynes (Silverado) 100-95-195 Bartmus (Dur) 100-96-196 Henderson (PV) 98-98-196 Glenn (Reno) 98-100-198 Mark (BG) 100-98-198 Van Cleve (BG) 102-96-198 Hecker (PV) 103-96-199 Hird (Reno) 97-104-201 Sherba (PV) 102-99-201 Canepa (Gal) 102-100-202 Sutton (Dur) 101-106-207 Johnson (Woo) 105-104-209 Boyle (Reed) 108-103-211 Cassell (PV) 106-105-211 Ellis (Gal) 104-106-211 DeLucia (Dur) 102-112-214 Fitzhenry (Car) 112-108-220 Yeaton (PV) 114-106-220 Maupin (Reno) 117-104-221 Cipriano (Gal) 114-108-222 Picollo (Woo) 114-109-223 K. Teixera (Woo) 116-107-223 McCoy (PV) 110-115-225 Heinen (Reno) 112-117-229 Liveratti (Car) 117-113-230 Mulvane (Car) 121-110-231 Borst (Car) 112-124-236 Upton (Car) 124-113-237 T. Teixeira (Woo) 117-126-243

Nevada Day Parade line-up

Nevada Day Parade Division One 1 -American Legion 2 -Elko High School Marching Band 3 -Carson City Sheriff Mounted Unit 4 -Carson City Sheriff’s Office 5 -Washoe County Sheriff 5 -Nevada Highway Patrol 6 -Douglas County Sheriff Mounted Posse 7 -Nevada Indian Commission 8 -Nevada Day Poster Contest Winners 9 -U. S. Senators Harry Reid and John Ensign 10 -U. S. Congressman Jim Gibbons 11 -Governor Kenny and Mrs. Dema Guinn 12 -Lt. Governor Lorraine Hunt 13 -State Treasurer Brian Krolicki 14 -Secretary of State Dean Heller 15 -State Controller Kathy Augustine 16 -Chief Justice Bill Maupin 17 -Justices of the Supreme Court 18 – Southern Paiute Tribe-color guard 19 – Walker River Paiute Tribe-Li’l Miss Pinenut 20 – Walker River Paiute Tribe-Miss Walker River Division 2 21 -Douglas High School Drill Team 22 -Douglas High School Band 23 -Douglas High School Flag Team 24 -Native American Elders of the 19th Century 25 -Reno-Sparks Indian Colony 26 -Reno-Sparks Indian Colony 27 – Miss Pyramid Lake-Kathleen Bryan 28 -Mercedes Melendez Ramirez, Kona & Lowellen Jackson 29 -Toi-Tukado: Cattail Eaters of the Stillwater Marshes 30 -Yerington Paiute Tribe 31 -Western Shoshone Nation 32 -Western Shoshone Nation 33 -Great Basin Native Basketweaver Assoc. 34 -Summit Lake Paiute Tribe 35 -Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe 36 -Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe 37 -Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Division 3 38 -South Tahoe High School JROTC Color Guard 39 -South Tahoe High School JROTC Drill Team 40 -Carson Middle School Band 41 -Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada 42 -Linda Crosthwaite 43 -Ronnie Johnson Family of Clowns 44 -Washoe Tribal Police Department 44 -Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California 45 -Washoe Housing Authority/Washoe Tribe 46 -Douglas County Sheriff DARE and GREAT 47 -Rite of Passage 48 -Miss Pahrump 49 -Great Basin Fjords 50 -Nevada State Fire Marshal 51 -Daughters of Norway 52 -Northern Nevada Homeschoolers 53 -Bretta Sue Reese 54 -Sierra Inline Hockey League 55 -Betty Young Rau Division 4 56 -Lyon County Sheriff’s Dept. Color Guard 57 -Dayton High School Marching Band 58 -Dayton High School Flag Team 59 -Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada 60 -Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada 61 -Capital Christian Center’s Children’s Ministry 62 -Nevada Senior Softball 63 -Silver Springs Chamber of Commerce 64 -Miss Rodeo Nevada 65 -Reno Rodeo Association 66 -Red Hat Society 67 -Ronald McDonald 68 -Gordon Bourne & Ken Furlong 69 -Miss Nevada 70 -Miss Winnemucca & Miss Humboldt County 71 -Grandpa & His Shadow 72 -Brian Sandoval 73 -Carson City Veterans’ Group Division 5 74 -Incline Village High School JROTC Color Guard 75 -Incline Village High School JROTC Drill Team 76 -Incline Village High School Top Gun Battalion 77 -Incline Village High School Marching Band 78 -Little Miss North America-Amber Harper 79 -Nevada Committee for Full Statehood 80 -Nevada Women’s History Project 81 -Bob Guimont & Carson City Sheriff’s Protective Assoc. 82 -100 Years of Ford 83 -Sparks Little Theater 84 -Division of Child and Family Services 85 -Redd Barney Ranch 86 -Calvary Chapel 87 -Piper’s Opera House 1864 Governor’s Ball 88 -ICDA Performing Arts 89 -Carson Tiger Sharks 90 -Chorus of the Comstock Division 6 91 -Wooster Colt Battalion 92 -Reno High School Band 93 -Miss Nevada Teen American 94 -Nevada 4-H 95 -Western Nevada Performing Arts 96 -Sierra Rottweiler Owners 97 -MADD 98 -Sierra Nevada Junior Rodeo Club 99 -Cinderella Scholarship 100 -Memorial to World War II Killed in Action 101 -Northern Nevada Sikh 102 -Cub Scout Pack 143 103 -Senior National Finals Rodeo 104 -Dayton Chamber of Commerce 105 -Potter’s House 106 -Korean War Veteran’s Association 107 -Reno High School ROTC Huskie Battalion Division 7 108 -Eagle Valley Middle School Drill Team 109 -Eagle Valley Middle School Band 110 -Carson City Elks 111 -National Pony Express 112 -AARP 113 -Pearl Harbor Survivor’s Assoc. 114 -U. S. Coast Guard and Auxiliary 115 -Warm Springs Riders 116 -Pet Network 117 -Nevada Civil War Volunteers 118 -Girl Scouts Troop 152 119 -Soroptimist International of Carson City 120 -Wells Fargo Bank 121 -Portuguese Pioneers 122 -Baha’I Faith 123 -Nevada Buggy Buddies 124 -Carson City Host Lions 125 -E. Clampus Vitus 126-2002 Beggin’ Strips A-mazin’ Bacon Races 127 -Sparks Assembly Rainbow for Girls Division 8 128 -White Pine High School Band 129 -White Pine High School Flag Team 130 – Navy League of the United States 131 -Pyramid Lake Fisheries 132 -Woodford’s Youth Opportunity Movement 133 -Sierra Sage Riders 134 -Hilltop Community Church 135 -Make-A-Wish Foundation 136 -Fallon High School Rodeo Queen 137 -Widders of Nevada 138 -SNEA 139 -Robbie’s F Troop 140 -Bonanza Casino 141 -Sierra Nevada Academy 142 -Sons & Daughters of Erin 143 -Sierra Highlanders Pipe Band 144 -Nevada Society of Scottish Clans 145 -GBPCA’s AmeriCorps 146 -Capital City Humane Society 147 -Republican Women Division 9 148 -Reed NJROTC Color Guard 149 -Reed NJROTC Raider Battalion 150 -Reed NJROTC Armed Drill Team 151 -Home Street Drill Team 152 -Home Street Middle School 153 -Home Street Tall Flags & Rifles 154 -Coldwell Banker Village 155 -Nevada Physical Therapy 156 -Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield 157 -Arundel Auction 158 -Virginia Range Wildlife Protection Assoc. 159 -Computer Corps 160 -KBUL Converta-Bull 161 -Sparkie the Clown 162 -Kerak Shrine 163 -Hillah Shriners Motor Patrol 164 -Les Schwab 165 -Lyon County Sheriff’s Rescue 166 -Mix95.5 Division 10 167 -Carson High School NJROTC Color Guard 168 -Carson High School NJROTC Drill Team 169 -Carson High School “Blue Thunder” Band 170 -Nevada Office of Traffic Safety 171 -BLM 172 -Nevada Division of Forestry 173 -Warren Engine Company No. 1 174 -Exotic Car Audio 175 -Firematic 176 -Citizen Alert 177 -Champion Motor Speedway 178 -Nevada Army National Guard 179 -Devil Mountain Brigade 180 -Superior Tow & Transport

Sandoval cuts back on fundraising

After the close of the candidate filing earlier this year produced no strong opponent, Gov. Brian Sandoval cut back fundraising efforts dramatically in the period from January through May. Where he started the campaign season with just more than $3 million in contributions, the latest report filed Tuesday of this week added just $320,000 to the pot. There are a total of 14 candidates in the race for governor, five of them Republican including Sandoval. But there are no big name challengers in either of the major parties. Since January, Sandoval spent more than double what he raised — a total of $795,703. Of that, $5,000 went to Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchison's campaign fund and the same amount to State Sen. Ben Kieckhefer's re-election fund. He is expected to use his war chest to help out a number of Republican candidates this election season. Hutchison, who Sandoval has endorsed to succeed the term-limited Brian Krolicki, reported raising $403,417 this reporting period. That is on top of the $857,235 he reported having on hand in January. Hutchison reported spending a total of $920,554 as of May 20. His primary opponent, former State Senator Sue Lowden, reported raising $116,889 since January when she had $228,275 in contributions. Lowden has spent $249,018 as of this reporting period. Their democratic opponent Assemblywoman Lucy Flores started the year with $79,954 in contributions. Since January, she has added $315,598 to the pot while reporting expenses of just $83,641.

Hutchison officially resigning state Senate seat

LAS VEGAS — Nevada state Sen. Mark Hutchison has submitted his resignation as he prepares to take the post of lieutenant governor. A Hutchison spokesman said Hutchison submitted his resignation to the governor on Monday morning. His Senate District 6 seat will officially be empty as of 5 p.m. Monday. The Clark County Commission is scheduled to appoint Hutchison's replacement at a meeting on Tuesday. Applicants must be a Republican, like Hutchison, and must live in his Las Vegas district. Gov. Brian Sandoval had endorsed Hutchison for the job before he won the post easily in a race against Democratic Assemblywoman Lucy Flores. Commissioners also need to fill another vacancy after Republican Assemblyman Wesley "Wes" Duncan announced on Friday that he'll take a job in the attorney general's office.

Lieutenant governor’s race makes national news

The lieutenant governorship of Nevada has historically been considered a second-tier position with comparatively negligible responsibilities and modest visibility. But when the returns are counted following the Nov. 4 election to determine who will succeed two-term Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki, who cannot run again because of term limits, considerable national as well as statewide attention will be focused on the outcome of this hotly-contested race. This is because the election, which pits GOP State Senator Mark Hutchison against Democratic Assemblywoman Lucy Flores, is widely considered to be a proxy battle between Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval and Democratic U.S. Senator Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader. Reid has indicated he undoubtedly will run for a sixth term in 2016. Sandoval, who on Nov. 4 is expected to trounce his Democratic challenger Robert Goodman, who has not made any campaign appearances, saID he would complete his second four-year term as governor assuming he is reelected, and that he has no interest in taking on Reid in 2016. While campaigning in Fallon during the September Labor Day festivities, Sandoval told me, "I love my job … I'm focused on winning reelection and serving out my term … running for the U.S. Senate in 2016 is not on my radar." But several political pundits believe that Sandoval could be persuaded to change his mind, resign the governorship in two years and run against Reid. If Sandoval did so, fellow Republican Hutchison, if he beats Flores and wins the lieutenant governorship, would replace Sandoval as governor in 2016 and move into the Governor's Mansion in Carson City. Hutchison was Sandoval's choice to run for lieutenant governor, and, according to the influential Washington, D.C.-based National Journal, which caters to a nationwide audience of political operatives, candidates, party leaders and journalists, Hutchison, if elected, would be "more of a governor-in-waiting — meaning a Democrat (Flores) in the spot would be a roadblock to any federal ambitions Sandoval might have." If a recent poll is to be believed, Hutchison is doing quite well in his race to beat Flores. In a copyright story dated Oct. 2, the Las Vegas Review-Journal stated its polling indicated that Hutchison would defeat Flores 47 percent to 35 percent. Hutchison also leads Flores in fundraising. Campaign finance disclosures recently filed with the Secretary of State show that Hutchison has so far raised $2.4 million while Flores received $654,000. The Review-Journal poll also indicated that Democrat Ross Miller, Nevada's secretary of state, would win 44-39 percent over Republican Adam Laxalt; that the race for secretary of state between GOP State Senator Barbara Cegavske and Democratic State Treasurer Kate Marshall is a statistical tie; and that State Question 3, the proposed business margins tax to fund public education, would lose 40-37 percent. The latest voter registration figures for Nevada show that of the state's 1,203,095 registered voters, 479,732 are Democrats, 417,207 are Republicans, 230,207 are nonpartisan and 56,149 are American-Independent. Returning to the Hutchison-Flores contest: Not only is it making national news, but it is between two candidates from starkly different backgrounds. Hutchison, 51, the father of six, grandfather of four, a former Eagle Scout, who received a B.S. in Business Administration from UNLV and a law degree from Brigham Young University, is considered a moderate Republican and represents a majority-Democratic state senate district in the suburbs of Las Vegas. Flores, 35, who is single and represents a Nevada Assembly district in the northeast Las Vegas Valley, is one of 13 children. Only one of her siblings graduated from high school and all of her sisters became pregnant in their teens. Flores' mother left the family when Lucy Flores when nine, and because her father worked multiple jobs, she had to care for her younger brothers and sisters. Flores dropped out of high school in Las Vegas, but passed the GED test, graduated from USC with a BA in political science and received a law degree from UNLV. Come the Nov. 4 election, Nevada's once-obscure lieutenant governorship certainly will lose its invisibly. David C. Henley is Publisher Emeritus of the LVN. He may be reached at

Battle for obscure Nevada office all about 2016

LAS VEGAS — Like most lieutenant governors, the No. 2 executive in Nevada doesn't have much to do most days. So why are Harry Reid and Brian Sandoval so involved in the battle over the office this fall? For both, the outcome in an obscure race could shape their political futures. Sandoval, the state's popular Hispanic governor, is the challenger national Republicans dream of should Reid seek a sixth-term in the U.S. Senate in 2016. Should Sandoval run, Nevada's lieutenant governor would move into the Governor's Mansion. For a cautious, conflict-averse politician like Sandoval, challenging Reid, a former boxer, legendary political brawler and the Senate's majority leader, might be worth the fight only if he knows a member of his own party would take his place should he run and lose. Enter Mark Hutchison, a genial Republican state senator Sandoval recruited to run for lieutenant governor. He'll face Assemblywoman Lucy Flores, 34, a former gang member who boasts Reid's backing and an unorthodox, up-from-the-streets life story Democrats hope can mobilize Nevada's hefty number of Hispanic voters. "A lot of Nevadans are viewing it as a trial run for governor," GOP consultant Robert Uithoven said. Hutchison was wrapping up his first session as a state lawmaker last year when Sandoval approached him about the race, promising to lend the Las Vegas attorney his respected political and fundraising operation. "I've got a great advantage in having Brian Sandoval want to be partners with me," said Hutchison, who represents a majority-Democratic district in the city's suburbs. Hutchison was also one of several Republican lawmakers in Nevada who voted to urge Congress to pass legislation allowing many of the 11 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally to eventually become citizens. Republicans hope that with the upbeat, well-liked Sandoval at his side, Hutchison could draw down the outsized Hispanic support for Democrats that allowed Reid to win a tight re-election race in 2010 and Obama to twice carry the state. "One of the problems that we have with Republicans is that they don't approach us. He has done that," Otto Merida, president of the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce, said of Hutchison. He faces a candidate with a compelling backstory in Flores, who said she began to mull a run for lieutenant governor last year — with Reid's support. "Harry talks about her so constantly," Vice President Joe Biden said at a recent campaign rally. "I thought she was his daughter." One of 13 children raised primarily in northeastern Las Vegas, Flores last year revealed during a statehouse debate about a sex education bill that she had an abortion at age 16. She regularly speaks about serving nine months in a juvenile detention center after leading police on chase in a stolen car through east Las Vegas, and how she got a second chance from her parole officer after getting into a fight with her often-absent mother. "I was always the smart-assed kid who was telling cops I knew my rights," she recently told a group of Hispanic high school students at a leadership conference. "I really enjoyed the law and thought maybe one day I could be a lawyer." She graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas' law school in 2010 and was elected to the state legislature that fall. Becoming governor isn't something, she said, she was thinking about when she got into the race for lieutenant governor. She acknowledges now it's a possibility and said her guess is that Sandoval intends to challenge Reid, based on his intense backing of Hutchison. "There's something to be said for the amount of speculation he's been fueling," she said. For their part, Hutchison and Flores are campaigning contrasting their plans for what's a largely ceremonial office. Both oppose a ballot measure to increase corporate taxes to fund education but talk about the possibility of finding more funds elsewhere. Hutchison says he wants to help Sandoval continue the state's rebound from the depths of the recession and diversify its economy beyond gambling and tourism. Flores says she wants to focus on education. There are questions about whether Reid, 76, may choose to retire, or if Sandoval will ultimately decide to pass on a challenge that would divide the state. But should they run, the lieutenant governor's race will pale in comparison to what would be an epic political contest between Reid and Sandoval. "The people who back Reid back Sandoval," said David Damore, a political science professor at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

Nevada Day parade lineup in Carson City

The Nevada Day Parade lineup is subject to change up to parade day; go to for up-to-date information. DIVISION 1 — BATH ST. Line up time: 8:30 a.m. 1 & 2 — Carson City Sheriff Department 3 — Washoe County Sheriff's Office 4 — NV State Honor Guard 5 — Carson High School Blue Thunder Marching Band 6 — Carson High School NJROTC Battalion 2015-2016 7 — Pony Express Color Guard 8 — Wells Fargo w/ Grand Marshal Jack Waggon 9 — Grand Marshal – Sherry Rupert 10 — Governor Brian Sandoval 11 — U.S. Senator Dean Heller 14 — Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt 15 — Senator James Settelmeyer District 17 16 — Secretary of State Barbara K. Cegavske 17 — State Controller Ron Knecht and Family 18 — Mayor Bob Crowell 19 — Assemblyman PK O'Neill 20 — KTVN DIVISION 2 — ADALINE ST. Line up time: 8:30 a.m. 21 — White Pine High School & Middle School Marching Band 22 — Nevada National Guard 23 — Les Schwab Tires 24 — Marine League Color Guard 25 — Carson City Marine Corps League Silver State Det. 630 26 — Northern Nevada Coin 27 — Coldwell Banker Select Real Estate 28 — Battle Born Civil War Re-enactors 29 — Carson City Visitors Bureau 29A — Carson Victory Rollers & Junior Victory Rollers 30 — United States Air Force Recruiting Service 31 — Carson Middle School Marching Band 32 — Sierra Lutheran High School 33 — Concerned Vets for America 34 — MINI Coopers and MINIons 35 — Honor Flight Nevada Veterans & Guardians 36 — General Carlin Camp 25, Sons of Union Veterans 37 — Lions Clubs International – Dist. 46 (Reno/Sparks) 38 — Skyline Estates Senior Living 39 — Miss Nevada American Teen – Janet Podesta (2014) 40 — National American Miss Nevada Teen – Paris Regan (2015-2016) DIVISION 3 — EAST LONG ST. Line up time: 8:30 a.m. 41 — Fernley High School Vaquero Band 42 — Incline High School JROTC Highlanders 43 — Northern Nevada Corrections Honor Guard 44 — Miss Pahrump 2015 Hailey Meads & her Court 45 — Virginia City Cemetery Gin Tourism 46 — Carson Nugget Casino Hotel Batmobile 47 — KOLO 8 News Now 48 — Parading Arabians 49 — Special Olympics Nevada – Carson City 50 — Muscle Powered Bike Brigade 51 — United States Forest Service 52 — TNT & PDC Cheer & Dance 3570 Barron Way, Reno 53 — Disabled American Veterans – Carson City 7 & Reno 1 54 — Vietnam Veterans of America Sierra Nevada Chapter 989 55 — Vietnam Veterans of America Reno Chapter 989 56 — Vietnam Veterans of America Carson City Chapter 388 57 — Tumbleweeds Gymnastics & Kaia Fit 58 — Las Association De Charros Nevada Dancing Horses 59 — United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. 60 — Panasonic Energy Corp. of N. American (Tesla) DIVISION 4 — WEST LONG ST. Line up time: 8:30 a.m. 61 — The Douglas Tiger Marching Band 62 — Tiger Battalion Army JROTC 63 — Veterans of Foreign Wars Kit Carson Post 3726 64 — Reno Aces Mascot – Archie 65 — Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates 66 — Cub Scout Pack 143 67 — Silver Dollar Car Classic Car Show 67A — Silver Dollar Car Classic Car Show 68 — JAC – Jump Around Carson Bus 69 — U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary 70 — Carson City Elks Lodge #2177 71 — Pioneer High School 72 — Boys & Girls Club of Western Nevada 73 — Merced County Sheriff Posse 74 — Valley Amigos Horseback Riding Club 75 — Cub Scout Pack 341 76 — Sons & Daughters of Erin & NV Society of Scottish Clans 77 — Rotary District 5190 by Carson City Rotary Clubs 78 — Warren Engine Co. 1 Volunteer Fire Department 79 — Maverick Inc. 80 — Nevada Rainbow Girls – IORG DIVISION 5 — EAST ADAMS ST. Line up time: 9 a.m. 81 — Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School Marching Band 82 — Robert McQueen High School Lancer Battalion JROTC 83 — Carson Sierra Youth Football 84 — Paws 4 Passengers One Purpose Many Breeds 85 — Kiwanis Club of Carson City 86 — Carson Animal Services Initiative (CASI) 87 — Boys & Girls Club of Mason Valley 88 — Sagebrush Model A Ford Club 89 — Carson City Republican Party 90 — Reno Rodeo Association 91 — Bonanza Casino 92 — Lil' Miss Pinenut Festival 2015-2016 93 — Stillwater Toi-Dicutta (Toy-tik-cutta) Cattail eater 94 — 2015-2016 Goshute Princess 95 — Walker River Paiute Tribe 96 — NV Urban Indian Royalty & University of Nevada Reno Tiny Tot Brave 97 — Washoe Tribe of NV and CA 98 — Young Eagles over Carson EAA Chapter 403 Carson City 99 — Pyramid Lake Jr/Sr High School 100 — Reno-Sparks Indian Colony DIVISION 6 — WEST ADAMS ST. Line up time: 9 a.m. 101 — Eagle Valley Middle School Marching Band 102 — E.C. Reed NJROTC Raider Battalion 103 — Yogurt Beach of Carson City & Gardnerville 104 — Youth Theatre Carson City, Yes Virginia & The Wiz 105 — Red Cross 106 — The Wheel House 107 — Carson Valley Visitors Authority 108 — Ben Carson for President 109 — Karson Kruzers Car Club 109A — Karson Kruzers Car Club 110 — Reno Bighorns 111 — Affordable Healthcare Pros 112 — Robertson Family 113 — The Republic of Molossia 114 ­— Sparkie the Clown 115 — Carson City BMX 116 — Hot August Nights, Inc. 117 — Wild Ass Women 118 — Bretta Sue Reese Adult Single Equestrian 119 — Nevada Builders Alliance 120 — KNPB Channel 55 DIVISION 7 — EAST PARK ST. Line up time: 9 a.m. 121 — Korean War Veterans Assn. Chapter #305 Carson City 122 — Misfits Theater Group 123 — Head Injury Association of No. Nevada (HIANN) 124 — Aahmes (Ah-mes) Shrine Clowns 125 — Kerak Shriners Reno Nevada 126 — Trader Joe's – One Store, Many Cultures Cuisines 127 — D'Ascoli Orthodontics Orthobus 128 — NNGHC and the 1st Nevada Cavalry Gaited Horse Club 129 — Washoe County 4-H Youth Development Program 130 — Bill Tarbell US Senate Candidate 131 — US Naval Sea Cadet Corps 132 — Fernley Rodeo Association Royalty 133 — Janine Walsh Riding Labron a Peruvian Paso 134 — Little Timbers Academy – Back to Our Roots 135 — Build Your Future at Western Nevada College 137 — Nutcracker: Around the World in One Ballet – Pinkerton Ballet 138 — Women to Women Nevada 139 — Carson City Orthodonitcs 140 — Cutting Edge Hair Salon DIVISION 8 — WEST PARK ST. Line up time: 9 a.m. 141 — Western NV Performing Arts 142 — Nothern Nevada Sikh Society 143 — Silver State High School Carson City and Beyond 144 — Circle of Abundance, Lead by Mama Em 145 — Hometown Health 146 — The Salvation Army Serving Carson City & Douglas Co. 147 — Rolling Thunder Entertainment Co. of Nevada 148 — Daughters of the Nile Ammon-Ra Temple No.56 149 — Christian Motorcyclists Association 150 — We Are Solar 151 — Quick Space 152 — FISH: Together, We Can Change Lives 153 — People First of Northern Nevada 154 — Charros y Vaqueros Del Norte De Nevada 155 — Nevada Children Need Foster & Adoptive Homes 156 — NV Energy 157 — Healthy Trees 158 — Carson City POP Warner Football and Cheer 159 — Classic Chevys Plus of Reno 160 — Crowns of Many Cultures Representing Nevada DIVISION 9 — EAST JOHN ST. Line up time: 9 a.m. 161 — Lithia Hyundai of Reno 162 — Jamba Juice 163 — Psychic Creations TV Show 164 — Bobby Freeman's Spirit of America Rockin' Cadillac 165 — Carson City Democratic Women and Nevada Democrats 166 — American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees 167 — No Place Like Home Senior Care 168 — E Clampus Vitus (Clampers) 169 — Fleet Reserve Association Sierra – Tahoe Branch 137 170 — Committee to Elect Maurice White 171 — Devil Mountain Brigade 172 — USS Nevada Gallavant – Burning Man 173 — Controlled Burn 174 — Black Rock City Water Taxi 175 — Paper Playa Plane 176 — High Desert Steam 177 — Nevada Storm Football 178 — D & S Tow, Inc. 179 — Terry the Shed Mover 180 — Washoe County Amateur Radio Emergency Service DIVISION 10 — FLEISCHMANN WAY Line up time: 9 a.m. 181 — Johnny Rockets / Carson Lanes 182 — Nevada Miss Amazing Pageant 183 — Cumulus Media – Reno