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April 14, 2013
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Signs reveal a crisis in nation’s leadership

With our country giving millions of dollars to unfriendly nations and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on meaningless studies, whether you are a Liberal or a Conservative, it shouldn’t seem right to cut back our military so severely, close airport control towers, and not let our children visit the White House.

There is indeed something wrong with our leadership.

Milt Croall


State wastes money on those here illegally

In Mr. Farmer’s Commentary of April 7 on amnesty he stated, “FAIR estimates that Nevada taxpayers subsidized some 210,000 illegal immigrants to the tune of $950 million in 2010.”

He further stated, “Do the math.”

In doing the math, if you divide the $950 million by the 210,000 illegals, you get approximately $4,500 per illegal.

Gee, I don’t think it would be too difficult to find 210,000 senior citizens or needy veterans in Nevada that could use that $4,500 and probably be more worthy of it than the illegals.

It might even be possible that if the illegals didn’t get the $4,500, they would return to their home country and some of the 132,000 unemployed in this state would find jobs and reduce our unemployment costs.

We need to start thinking about, and doing, what is best for the citizens of this country and stop considering what might be best for any political party.

It has been the citizens of this country, not the politicians nor illegals, that have made this country great and the envy of so many other nations.

Sanford Deyo


Don’t yield to those on foot? Learn our laws

This is in response to Dr. John A. Knappenberger’s letter of April 10 about people walking across Carson Street in downtown Carson City. Dr. “I-Don’t-Yield-To-Pedestrians” Knappenberger said he recently moved to Carson City from out-of-state, and I’m betting he is from California. Having lived in California for 60-plus years, I am very familiar with California drivers. Most of them won’t stop to let a pedestrian cross the street.

We were living in a small town in Southern California prior to moving here in 2005. My wife is in a wheelchair and would use it to go to the grocery store near our house. She had a difficult time crossing Main Street most of the time because the cars wouldn’t stop for her — or anyone else. On one occasion, a car stopped for her but the car behind that one moved over into the middle left turn lane to go around the first car and her. He almost hit her. One of the things she has always appreciated about Nevada and Carson City is that drivers will stop to let her and others cross the street. She has to cross Carson Street frequently to get to her volunteer jobs at the Museum and Capitol Building, get to her church and go to her doctors’ offices.

Every state in the union has laws that say a motor vehicle will yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. An intersection is an implied crosswalk even if it isn’t marked as such. Dr. “I-Don’t-Yield-To-Pedestrians” needs to learn the rules of the road before he injures or kills somebody.

Edward G. Jackson

Carson City

Evolutionists see man as highest authority

Robin Christy stated on April 4 that Don Drake was absurd for stating that evolution leads to atheism. Evolution assumes we are here by chance, theism assumes we are created by God, and His revelation (the Bible) is the key to the past. Evolution teaches there was no global flood and that life appeared and gradually diversified. Creation teaches there was a global flood and that the universe was created in six ordinary days.

Mr. Drake is not an inquisitionist but an intellectual scientific thinker whom I would trust far more than an evolutionist to teach our children. Evolutionists teach there is no life after death, creation teaches there is eternity in man’s heart. Evolution teaches that man is the highest authority, but I am thankful that creation teaches that God is the highest authority.

Ben Fleming

Carson City

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