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April 17, 2013
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Government focuses on wars abroad, ignores big issue here

Could somebody please explain our government’s actions please? While our government is spending billions to fight this so-called “war on terror” for the past decade in the Middle East, our country’s borders have been opened and its security has not been addressed.

These actions have allowed an estimated 11 million “undocumented citizens” to be in our country Illegally. These numbers do not even begin to address their children. Is our government not aware that the cartel violence is spilling into our streets while our government struggles to balance the budget on the back of senior Americans receiving Medicare and Social Security? Many of these seniors proudly served in our armed forces and have worked hard to make themselves a comfortable retirement.

While it seems to me that the fact that millions of illegals receiving social services, by use of fake or stolen Social Security numbers or the use of their American-born children’s Social Security numbers, are overlooked. Mr. Obama and his cronies wish to “reward” these illegals by allowing them a pathway to citizenship.

Bottom line: if they wished to become American citizens, they would. Why would any “illegal” wish to become a “legal citizen” when our government is allowing them to receive all the same benefits and social services American citizens receive? Are you aware that our government allows illegals to claim welfare as “income” and receive tax refunds from it? Not to mention the tax credit for children, some that are not even in this country? I’m disgusted.

D.R. Jackson

Carson City

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