Golf course improving under new management |

Golf course improving under new management

Adam Robertson
Since changing hands to be run by Fallon Golf Course Inc. last year, the Fallon golf course has seen several improvements to the course and facility.
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One year ago, the Fallon Golf Course changed hands to be run by the non-profit Fallon Golf Course Inc.

Marty Davis, the PGA pro and general manager at the course, said things have been going well this year. He said the team has been working to improve the course and its facilities this year. That meant work on needed maintenance in several areas; replacing the flags, improved maintenance and landscaping to ensure the grass was nice and playable.

Davis said most of the maintenance was fairly routine stuff that should be done regularly but the old managers had fallen behind on.

For 2018, Davis said he wants to continue to improve the greens. He said the staff wants to focus on aerating the greens and improving the turf to ensure it’s long-standing health. The goal is to bring the course up to where people in the community will love going to it, but also people from outside Fallon.

“We want people to have an experience where they’ll be satisfied and want to come back,” Davis said. “It’s no good if they play their game and are thinking ‘well that was disappointing.”

Managment also is looking at long term plans to replace the irrigation system. This would likely take place during the course of years, however.

The goal of the improvements, beyond making the course look nice and a point of pride to the community, is to allow more people to play the course at once; Davis said this also would open the door to bigger charity tournaments being held.

Throughout this year a number of tournaments were held with a great turnout to most of them, including one brand new tournament. The organizers always reported the participants had a great time and that the golf course was great to work with.

Davis said he wants to see the course flourish and become a source of community pride.

“It’s been in business 60 years and we’re looking to another 60 years,” Davis said, “…long after we’re gone.”