Art exhibit opens at WNC’s main gallery |

Art exhibit opens at WNC’s main gallery

Special to the LVN

Curiosity drives Jill Brugler artistically, and she hopes “Dirty Diapers/Rabbit Ears” will attract the curious to the Western Nevada College’s Main Gallery to see her clay and ceramic exhibit.

“Dirty Diapers/Rabbit Ears” will be shown through Feb. 3.

“In showing this body of work, I am hoping to express a certain feeling I have as an artist working primarily in clay and ceramics,” said Brugler, a ceramics instructor at WNC. “The feeling I am trying to express is that of the curious. The curiosity of form, clay, ceramic, glaze and concept.

“My aspiration in installing “’Dirty Diapers/Rabbit Ears’ is to reflect those interests I have as a women and as an artist.”

Brugler’s passion for creating form from clay runs deep.

“I am creating ceramics based on my background in clay and art,” she said. “I believe a great mug is as creative as an effigy or sculpture. Clay is a billion-year-old medium, full of form. Each time I work with clay, I learn a little something new about clay, form, ceramic and glaze. A humbling occupation.”

Brugler struggles to explain why she and other artists create art, but it’s a career that gives her life symmetry.

“I find there is a balance in life and in art. We don’t really know why we make art,” Brugler said. “Human beings all over the world have chosen to be artists and to be a part of the world in balance with nature, animals and other beings.”

During the spring semester at WNC, Brugler will be teaching two sessions of Ceramics I classes, and Victoria Buck will oversee a Ceramics II course. For more information on those classes or to register, go to