Art galleries in Carson City area invited to think bigger |

Art galleries in Carson City area invited to think bigger

Special to the Nevada Appeal

When Robin McGregor attended her first Entrepreneurs Assembly meeting at the Adams Hub for Innovation in February, she had no idea what to expect. Her goal was to drive more people into Carson City Art Gallery, which she opened in September with her husband, Rich. The gallery opened in a historic former stagecoach stop at 110 Curry St. in downtown Carson City.

The confidential Entrepreneurs Assembly sessions are designed to help businesses think out, plan, start, or grow a company.

Each attendee brings their unique problem to the table, and through interaction with mentors and other business owners receive guidance and advice. Participants then formulate their own marching orders for the next 30 days.

McGregor’s marching orders? Her mentor group suggested she start a thinktank for art galleries that represent local artists. Her goal is to make it easier for consumers to identify these artists as they seek to support small businesses.

“We’re committed to representing local talent, and we want to find new ways to get the local market to embrace collecting original art as part of their lifestyle,” said McGregor. “We’ve had such a warm welcome from Carson City, and we’re excited about the potential for growth.”

The new Local Art Support & Sales (LASS) will address marketing art in the region and challenges specific to operating independent galleries.

There will be an opportunity to collaborate on cooperative marketing projects as well. The new Gallery on Main from Genoa has already committed to participation.

“We’re thrilled that there will be a community of like-minded businesses that we can join as we open our doors,” said Carrie Hardison, Gallery on Main owner.

Qualified businesses are invited to join McGregor at 1 p.m. May 8 at the Adams Hub for Innovation, 111 W. Proctor St.

RSVP by emailing or calling 775-313-8628 or going to