Bagpipes, kilts and rock & roll Saturday in Carson |

Bagpipes, kilts and rock & roll Saturday in Carson

Kyler Klix
Celtic Irish rockers The Angry Brians peform at the Levitt AMP Concert Series held in Carson City on Saturday. The festivities kick off at 7 p.m.


WHAT: The Angry Brians with Ciana at Levitt AMP BAC Concert Series

WHEN: Saturday 7 p.m.

WHERE: Minnesota Street Stage – 449 West King St., Carson City



Break out your kilts on Saturday. Irish rock returns to Carson City as The Angry Brians take the stage.

“It will be a high energy, rockin’ show,” said drummer and band founder Walter Baldwin. “We can’t wait to give you a good show. I can’t wait to see what Carson is all about.”

The five-piece Celtic rock band from Kern County, California, headlines the Levitt AMP Concert Series on Saturday.

The Angry Brians will bring with them their own style of Irish rock. Baldwin said he hoped the band would be more punk, but as the band found their sound, it turned more into rock music.

“We all got together and everyone’s outside influences bled into this — it turned more rock instead of punk,” he said. “That’s when the magic of the stuff began to happen. It ended up great.”

Also having a drummer makes them different from other Celtic bands.

“We’re kind of less traditional than everybody else,” he said.

The idea of an Irish band came from Baldwin’s previous experience with playing in a pipe band. He said he’s played a little bit of everything with a few different bands, and eventually he founded The Angry Brians. But one obstacle of having an Irish band, is finding a musician to play bagpipes. Baldwin said it can be a challenge finding the right piper.

“If you’re at Scottish games, you can throw a rock and hit about 40 of them,” he said. “Finding one from your hometown is almost impossible.”

But when he found the right one: “I got lucky,” he said.

The band plans to get in the studio this fall to record a fourth album as well.

“The fans are chomping at the bit for a new record,” said Brian Towers, band manager. “They’re going to be excited.”

Towers said the band will perform some of the songs from the new record, so fans will get a preview of what’s in store. The album should be released early next year, he said.

While the band has a large discography to choose from, Baldwin said there are some cover songs they play that will surprise the audience when they hear it played with the bagpipes.

Local performers Ciana open the concert series Saturday. Coming from the Carson Valley, the five-piece band performs tunes and songs from the Irish and Celtic tradition.