Bison Short Ribs are a perfect comfort meal (recipe) |

Bison Short Ribs are a perfect comfort meal (recipe)

Chef Larry Lawrence

The Bison Short Ribs are one of the more popular dishes at Js’ Old Town Bistro in Dayton. They make a perfect comfort meal on a chilly winter night. This recipe can feed a crowd, so it works great for a big game or just having friends and family over for a nice meal. Plus, it gets you out of the kitchen in time to enjoy visiting with your guests. Served with Js’ Creamy Parmesan Polenta it’s a real crowd pleaser.

Short Ribs

Serves 8 – 10

8-9 whole Bone-in Bison Short Ribs, about 6 pounds (you can substitute beef if Bison is unavailable).

¾ cup extra virgin Olive Oil

Corn Starch

2 onions

1 pound Carrots

½ stalk Celery

½ cup Whole Garlic Cloves

½ can Tomato Paste

3-4 Thyme Sprigs

3 Bay Leaves

1.5 cups Red Wine

2 quarts Beef Stock

3 ounces Demi Glaze

Preheat the oven to 350 Degrees

Dust the ribs with the corn starch and brown in a large roasting pan until well caramelized on the outside. Remove from the pan and set aside.

Add the vegetables and brown add garlic, tomato paste thyme and bay leaves. Cook for three minutes. Add the wine and reduce by half. Add the stock and demi glaze.

Return the ribs to the pan and braise for 3 hours.

Creamy Parmesan Polenta

1 cup chicken stock

1 cup heavy cream

Pinch red pepper flakes

½ cup medium grind polenta

3-4 tablespoons butter

1/8 cup parmesan cheese

¼ cup ricotta cheese

Salt to taste

In a double boiler bring the stock, cream and red pepper to a simmer. Add polenta and stir occasionally for about ten minutes. Add butter and the parmesan and ricotta cheeses and cook until well blended and creamy. Season with salt to taste.

To serve, spoon polenta into serving bowls, top with the short ribs and finish with some additional braising sauce.

Chef Larry Lawrence joined Js’ Old Town Bistro in 2014. The restaurant is located and 30 Pike Street (corner of Main Street) In Old Town Dayton. Js’ is open Tuesday through Sunday from 4 p.m.