Farmers market brings spring vegis |

Farmers market brings spring vegis

Linda Marrone
For the Nevada Appeal

I know it’s spring but it hasn’t been feeling too much like it this past couple of weeks. I’m ready for some sun shine and a little warmer weather. I really want to be outside and start planting a few things. I’ve got my little herb garden going and the potatoes and peas are in the ground but that’s about it.

If gardening, flowers and fresh spring vegetables are on your mind then you are in for a big treat because there is going to be an early spring Farmers Market every Saturday, through June 12 in the Carson Station parking lot on the corner of Highway 395 and 8th Street. We’re doing an early market to help out the farmers who have some amazing lettuce, spinach and spring veggies to sell along with lots of plants and veggie starts for your yard and garden.

We hope the community will come out and support this early market so we can make it an annual event. It will be pared down a bit compared to the 3rd & Curry St. site but we’ll still have some wonderful music by local musicians and miniature pony rides for the kids. We are going to have “ask a master gardener” and “ask a local farmer.” These individuals will be available for any and all your gardening questions. The Carson Station is going to be running a farmers market breakfast special each week.

This early market will run five more weeks and then our regular market will open in the 3rd and Curry streets parking lot on June 19.

On a last note I just want to give “a big congrats” to Lori Browning who was chosen Educator of the Year for Fremont Elementary School. Lori took over as coordinator of their school garden last year and she has done a great job with the help of staff, all the kids and volunteers. This was not a small endeavor and they even managed to hold a little farmers market at the school last year. Talk about a wonderful learning experience for the kids; from planting the seeds to sowing them, tending the garden, weeding, nurturing, picking, pricing and then weighing the produce, taking the money and making change at their little farmers market. So if you have some time and are looking to volunteer for a super cause and can help out with the Fremont garden call or e-mail Lori at 450-7170(cell) or

Hope to see you at the early market. Stop by, say hi and pick up some recipes to help you with what’s available at the market each week. Sign up to win our free market basket give-a-way filled with lots of goodies and become a friend the 3rd and Curry market on Facebook.

This first recipe would be great for a brunch or dinner. The asparagus in the picture is from Chuck Vue Farms in Yuba City, Calif. Karen Gasper and I paid a visit to Minton Farms, Chuck Vue Farms and the Caleola Olive Oil orchard last week and we brought home lots of goodies.

Grilled Asparagus with Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

1 pound asparagus spears, woody ends removed (these were so young and tender you could eat the whole stalk)

Olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Grated, pecorino, asiago or parmesan cheese

Brush the asparagus lightly with olive oil and grill over medium fire for about 5 minutes until skin is slightly charred and the spears are tender. If this seems too difficult or time consuming you can put the asparagus in tin foil and cook it on the grill, (and in a pinch, the oven).

Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

Zest of one Meyer lemon (you could also use half an orange)

2 tablespoons Meyer lemon juice

1 tablespoon champagne vinegar (I use Trader Joe’s Orange Muscat CV)

Salt and pepper to taste

6 tablespoons light olive oil

Combine everything but the oil in a bowl, then drizzle the oil in and whisk. Whisk in a little mustard if you are using regular lemons.

Lay the asparagus on a bed of watercress, baby spinach or spring greens and drizzle with the vinaigrette and top with grated cheese.

Tips for choosing asparagus: Look for firm stalks with tight heads. Pencil-thin spears are best quickly steamed, fatter spears are delicious roasted. Store them loosely wrapped in plastic in the crisper or cut off ends and place in bowl of cold water in frig, best if they are used within a few days.

• Linda Marrone has been a Carson City resident since 1973 and together with her husband, Ralph, formerly operated Marrone’s Restaurant in Carson City and Somethin’s Cookin’ Catering.