Gingerbread cookies a treat for the whole family |

Gingerbread cookies a treat for the whole family

by Molly Gingell

Gingerbread cookies are a fun holiday treat and a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen by helping with the decorating.

Gingerbread Cookies

Makes about 2 dozen

• 3 cups flour

• 21Ú2 teaspoons ground ginger

• 11Ú4 teaspoons cinnamon

• 1Ú2 teaspoon ground cardamom

• 1Ú2 teaspoon grated nutmeg

• 1Ú4 teaspoon ground cloves

• 1Ú2 teaspoon baking soda

• 1Ú4 teaspoon salt

• 3Ú4 cup molasses

• 1Ú4 pound unsalted butter, at room


• 1Ú2 cup sugar

In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, baking soda and salt.

In a small saucepan, heat the molasses over low heat until bubbles begin to form around the edge. Remove from the heat and stir in the butter, 1 tablespoon at a time, until it is completely incorporated.

Scrape the mixture into a large bowl. Stir in the sugar and water. Stir in the egg until completely incorporated.

Make a well in the center of the flour mixture and pour in the molasses mixture. Gradually stir in the flour mixture until blended. Turn the dough out onto a floured surface. Knead gently until smooth. Pat into a 6-inch disk. Wrap and chill overnight.

Heat the oven to 350 degrees. Butter two baking sheets. On a lightly floured surface roll half the dough to 1Ú8-inch thick. (Keep the rest wrapped until ready to use.) Using cookie cutters, cut out cookies. Put them about 1Ú2 inch apart on the baking sheets. If you like, brush the cookies with icing (see accompanying recipe.) Or brush them with a little water and press on nuts, seeds and or dried fruit for decoration. Bake the cookies in the middle of the oven until firm and slightly puffed, about 10 minutes. Transfer them to a rack to cool and then decorate with icing, if you like. You can make the dough up to three days ahead. Once baked, the cookies keep well in an air-tight container for up to two weeks.

• Molly Gingell is the owner of Molly’s Gourmet Catering, takeout and cooking school at 220 W. John St. in Carson City.