Grilled lamb chops, by Larry Lawrence (recipe) |

Grilled lamb chops, by Larry Lawrence (recipe)

Larry Lawrence
Chef, Js’ Old Town Bistro in Dayton

Grilled lamb chops are back on the menu at Js’! Spring is the perfect time to enjoy lamb. Plus, the warmer days ahead will give us all the opportunity to fire up the grill. These chops are always popular and will make a wonderful entrée for your next spring dinner party.

Feeds 6 generously

4 Lamb Racks — cut into double bone chops


2 Tbls dijon

4 Tbls honey

1 Tbls thyme

½ Tbls rosemary

1 Tbls lemon zest

1 Tbls lemon juice

1 Tbls garlic

¼ Cup olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Using a food processor, combine dijon, honey, thyme, rosemary, garlic, lemon zest and lemon juice.

Process until well blended. Add the oil and emulsify until the mixture of a salad dressing. Add the marinade to the jobs and mix well. Refrigerate overnight in a tightly sealed container or plastic bag.

Heat your grill to medium high, remove chops from marinade but leave any clinging marinade on. Grill on all sides about 2-2½ minutes per side making sure to get a nice sear until the internal temperature is 125 degrees for medium rare.

Serve with fresh spring vegetables and your favorite red wine. Grilled lamb chops pair well with cabs, pinots and chiantis.