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Ian Moore returns to Carson City Saturday

Kyler Klix
Ian Moore takes the Minnesota Street Stage on Saturday.
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WHAT: Athena McIntyre and Ian Moore at BAC Levitt AMP Concert Series

WHEN: 7 p.m. Saturday

WHERE: Minnesota Street Stage 449 West King St., Carson City


MORE ONLINE: athenamcintyremusic.com/athena-mcintyre http://www.ianmoore.com

Ian Moore brings his unique style of music back to Carson City on Saturday as part of the Brewery Arts Center’s Levitt AMP Concert Series.

“We’re just excited to be coming up,” the singer-songwriter said. “It’s been a minute.”

The 49-year-old comes to Carson on a tour following the release of his album “Toronto,” which came out May 28. He said the response has been good and his diverse fan base is loyal to what he likes to do.

“I have asked my fans to be very accepting of what I do,” he said. “I think my fan base is pretty cool with where I’m at — which is pretty unique for me.”

The album is a big rock record, he said, which switches things up from the previous softer album “Strange Days.”

Moore stays fresh by bringing excitement and enthusiasm to every show. He tries new things and enjoys taking chances. His debut album came in 1992 when he made a name for himself.

“The records of mine that made the biggest national impact are my first two,” he said. “But I have another 12.”

A unique feature of Moore’s four-piece band, he says, is that all four members can sing.

“That’s unusual,” he said. “For playing psychedelic blues rock, the fact that our guys can sing with three or four part harmonies, I consider that to be a unique angle to the band.”

In his early years, Moore stayed busy touring with the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, ZZ Top and Paul Weller. He took in everything he could recognizing there were opportunities he wouldn’t have again, but also followed his own path to make a name for himself.

“I’m not sitting here living in the past,” he said. “I am playing no different than the beginning. My attitude is the same. I want to do the coolest show ever and blow people’s minds and turn them onto new stuff.”

Moore’s style comes from his roots in Austin, Texas.

“When I was growing up, there was a real respect for form and music,” he said. “The people around me were deep, musical people.”

Moore’s versatility ranges from his songs to his types of shows. You never know what you’ll get depending on all sorts of factors. One night he could be playing an arena and the next a pizza shop.

“I try to write a setlist that fits the mood I’m in and fits the mood of the room,” he said. “As the leader of the room and the leader of the vibe and the party, you have to be keyed into people’s headspaces.”

“We leave a lot of room for moments to happen. To be honest, that’s the best thing that could happen in the show.”