Light the barbecue and get to know neighbors |

Light the barbecue and get to know neighbors

Linda Marrone
For the Nevada Appeal
Linda Marrone/For the Nevada AppealNo need to heat up the house when you can heat up the grill. Everything in this delicious and nutritious meal went on the grill, except the strawberries and salad. Everything but the pound cake and lemons were picked up at the farmers market - including the fish - for almost one-stop shopping.

Yesterday I had a barbecue for my long-time neighbors who are moving from the neighborhood they have called home for many years. The Malleys, Bill and Joan, lived on Minnesota Street when we bought our house in 1974. Bill built the duplexes across the street from us in 1968. Gene and Ruth Ratner have lived in the apartments at the end of our street for almost 25 years. That’s a long time for someone living in an apartment. I am saddened by their moving but also understand that when we get older we sometimes have to make changes in our lives. Joan is widowed now and is going to move to Las Vegas where she is looking forward to the warmer climate and living near her son. She is going to live in a complex for seniors where your meals are included in the rent. Gene and Ruth have made the same choice, only they are staying here in Carson.

They have known all my dogs through the years and they all came to expect treats and petting from both of them. My dog Buster used to bark and bark at Joan across the street until she came over and gave him a treat. After Bill passed away I started sending dinners over to Joan whenever I could. She in turn would always save the Wednesday food sections of the paper for me. We’ve weathered 37 seasons as neighbors. I’m going to miss my old friends but I wish them the kind of neighbors in their new neighborhood like they were to us all these years.

Well summer is finally here and Ralph has been cooking outside a lot. If we can throw everything on the grill it’s a good thing. As you can see by the picture we grilled everything but the salad and strawberries. It was one stop shopping at the farmers market except for the pound cake and lemons.

Ralph stuffed the fish with tarragon from the garden and some fresh lemon slices. He grilled the snapper, green onions, apricots and asparagus. Dinner was delicious, healthy and easy.

We pretty much plan our meals on what we buy at the market and then go from there. The potatoes at the market have been so tasty.

To grill them I just wash them, put them in foil and toss them with a little olive oil, fresh chopped rosemary and salt and pepper. Ralph puts them directly on the coals for 10-15 minutes and they are ready to eat as a side or you can slice them and put them in your salad.

Get to the market, start the barbecue and get to know your neighbors. Invite them over. You’ll be happy you did even if you are sad when they move away.

• Linda Marrone is a longtime Carson resident, manages the 3rd & Curry St. Farmers Market and is director of Nevada Certified Farmers Market Assoc.