Nevada Arts Council hires new program coordinator |

Nevada Arts Council hires new program coordinator

Nevada Appeal Staff Report

Mary Works Covington of Carson City will serve as the Nevada Arts Council’s community development program coordinator.

Covington grew up in Silver City and has served as a consultant, a program specialist and an artist.

The entry-level salary for her position is $41,900, and her gross pay will wind up in that area. The precise amount depends on final options she will choose upon assuming the post.

She has been involved with St. Mary’s Art Center in Virginia City and the Brewery Arts Center in Carson City. She also has worked with the state’s arts council on special projects.

Most recently, she was contracted by the Nevada State Museum, also in Carson City, where she developed the Merci Train Programming Initiative. It included the Gifts of Healing Exhibit and other aspects helping to inform the public.

An independent filmmaker, Covington earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in cinema from the University of Southern California. She worked on more than 30 films, among them “Titanic,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “The English Patient” and “Fight Club.”