Nevada ArtStops Tour visits rural communities to display book sculptures |

Nevada ArtStops Tour visits rural communities to display book sculptures

Nevada Appeal staff report
Carson City artist Debbie Lambin, center, with her son John-Henry and daughter Rachael will exhibit their sculptures in libraries, museums, independent bookstores and points of interest following Highway 95 southbound in Northern Nevada cities beginning this month.

A family of Carson City artists that creates sculptures from pages out of books will provide specially-designed artwork across the state in the Nevada ArtStops Tour to share art and literary concepts between communities as part of the Nevada Arts Council’s new Basin to Range Exchange program.

Carson City artist Debbie Lambin with daughter Rachael and son John-Henry will exhibit their finely crafted sculptures in libraries, museums, independent bookstores and various points of interest following Highway 95 southbound, starting in Northern Nevada cities this August and ending in Las Vegas in May 2020. Debbie Lambin is writing a book which, in turn, will be created into an art piece to be displayed at the end of the tour at the Clark County Library in Las Vegas.

“I hope that people will come to see the ArtStops and check out what each town has to offer,” Lambin said. “With today’s technology, it’s trendy and convenient to read e-books, but there is great satisfaction in picking up a book in your hands, reading through and flipping the last page closed when you’re done. A good book can immerse you with warm feelings, fond memories and build imagination, and that’s what we want to express with our art and share with the community.”

Launched this past April by the Nevada Arts Council, a division of the Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, the BRX was originated to support, promote and celebrate rural-urban collaboration through arts and culture. The Nevada ArtStops Tour was created by a committee of peer-to-peer mentors from the inaugural gathering of the BRX to engage intercommunity arts initiatives as a way to enrich the lives of all residents, enhance the quality of life throughout the state and strengthen local economies.

Viewing the artwork on the Nevada ArtStops Tour will be free and open to the general public. Author readings, art workshops and related programs will also be scheduled throughout the exhibit period. For art, literature and travel enthusiasts unable to visit the ArtStops in person, photos of each display will be posted on Facebook, Instagram and on the artists’ website at