Nevada Department of Transportation launches ‘Walk and Roll Wednesdays’ |

Nevada Department of Transportation launches ‘Walk and Roll Wednesdays’

Nevada Department of Transportation

The Nevada Department of Transportation is launching “Walk and Roll Wednesdays” to give socially-distanced Nevada families opportunity for healthy and fun outdoor activity.

Beginning this week, families are invited to spend at least 20 minutes outside every Wednesday, and as many other days of the week as possible, being active. This includes walking, bicycling, hiking or other outdoor activities in family groups of 10 or less.

While walking or bicycling, families are reminded to practice social distancing of at least six feet from other members of the public and avoid touching any shared outdoor equipment, as well as to cover coughs and sneezes and wash hands immediately upon returning home. Families can post photos of their “walk and roll” activities to social media by tagging @nevadadot with the hashtag #WalkandRollNV.

Physical activity at an early age, such as walking or bicycling, helps reduce stress, heart disease, diabetes and other obesity-related illnesses. With many families staying home to help reduce spread of COVID-19, “walk and roll” offers a chance to be healthy while learning about safe bicycling and walking and further connecting as a family.

The initiative is spearheaded by NDOT’s Safe Routes to Schools Program. The program collaborates with schools throughout the school year to improve students’ ability to safely walk and bike to school by providing students with bicycling and pedestrian education and activities, such as Walk and Bike to School Day. Nevadans can also visit for traffic safety information and activities.

With more Nevadans walking and bicycling at this time, NDOT offers the following traffic safety tips:


Plan your route.

Always wear a helmet when riding a bike.

Stay visible. Wear light and bright colored clothing. If you must be out at night, wear reflective clothing. 

Stay alert. Put your phone down and do not wear headphones.

Walk on sidewalks. If no sidewalks are available, ensure that there is safe distance between yourself and passing vehicles and walk facing traffic.

Children can ride their bicycle on the sidewalk. If riding in the street; please ride with traffic, obey all traffic laws and use proper hand signals. 

When possible, cross at a crosswalk. Only cross when safe to do so. Make eye contact with the drivers and make sure all cars have stopped before crossing. 


Always drive attentively and obey the speed limit.

When approaching crosswalks, reduce speed and be prepared to stop.

Stop for pedestrians and bicyclists and wait for them to cross completely.

Never pass a car that has stopped at a cross walk.

Obey the three-foot rule: when passing a bicycle please allow for at least three feet of clearance between the vehicle and bicyclist.

Be responsible and never drive distracted or impaired.