Recipe: A plan for Thanksgiving leftovers, by David Theiss |

Recipe: A plan for Thanksgiving leftovers, by David Theiss

David Theiss


/ˈleftˌōvər/ noun

plural noun: leftovers

1. something, especially food, remaining after the rest has been used or consumed.

It’s funny listening to people order their holiday dinner centerpiece — quite a few of them make great considerations on how much leftovers will be left. May it be turkey, prime rib or ham, I for one love the leftovers from holiday dinners. They make quick and easy meals for a few days after, the work in cooking already has been done; it’s just heat and eat! They also usually don’t last long enough to get bored of them either. There is, however, those special recipes that play on leftovers well, and with just a little more preparation, it makes an equally delicious meal that is something altogether different. Today I suggest you try this simple Turkey Roll recipe I was introduced to. I found it simple and delicious, and thought I’d share it with you. The leftovers involved in this Turkey Roll recipe are the staples on a traditional Thanksgiving table: Turkey, stuffing and maybe some cranberry relish and gravy. Make a little extra on purpose just to send off to a family member, or send home with your guests, or friend that’s feeling a little fried, or if they just need a little spoiling. Receiving food is such a wonderful gift. Remembering why we have this holiday, while being surrounded by family and friends makes one truly thankful. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy.

Turkey Rolls

1 package phyllo dough

1 cup leftover turkey pieces

1 cup leftover stuffing

½ cup cranberry relish

2 cups turkey gravy

On flat surface, cut phyllo dough in to approximately 6” x 10 “ — use 2 sheets together so it won’t rip. Start by placing a small amount of turkey in center of dough, then on top of the turkey place about the same amount of stuffing. Then take a teaspoon of cranberry relish and spread out over the stuffing and turkey. Cover and roll dough around turkey mixture into about 1-inch rolls and set aside. In a frying pan, add enough vegetable oil to have about ¼ inch of oil cover the bottom of the pan. Heat using medium heat; when oil is hot, place rolls in pan and brown. Turn rolls over in pan every few minutes to ensure that they are browned on all sides. Cook until phyllo dough is brown on all sides and no longer dough-y. Reheat gravy on the side and serve as a dipping sauce with your rolls! Delicious!

David Theiss is owner of Butler Gourmet Meats, serving Carson City for more than 46 years.