Recipe: Keep warm this winter with holiday spirits, by Angela Bullentini Wolf |

Recipe: Keep warm this winter with holiday spirits, by Angela Bullentini Wolf

Angela Bullentini Wolf

At Gather, we opened this holiday season with a celebration of “Repeal Day” during our End of Prohibition Party, 86 Years Later, on Dec. 5. In doing research for this party, I was surprised to learn that during the “Roaring 20s,” alcohol was actually illegal. On Jan. 16, 1919, Congress ratified the 18th Amendment, officially instituting a federal constitutional ban on the production, transport, and sale of intoxicating liquors in the United States. Interestingly, alcohol consumption was not included in the ban. For about a year, there was no real enforcement of the ban. Then, on Jan. 17, 1920, the Volstead Act was passed, which declared that liquor, wine, and beer all constituted intoxicating liquors that were prohibited under the Eighteenth Amendment.

Bars and other drinking establishments were shut down nationwide. Nonetheless, state enforcement of the alcohol ban varied, and religious consumption of alcohol remained legal. Enforcement of the ban continued to prove difficult, particularly with the rise of large-scale bootlegging in all communities across the country as well as the explosion of organized crime. Secret drinking establishments known as “Speakeasies” appeared across the country. However, as the years went by, public support of the ban waned, and in 1932, presidential candidate Franklin D. Roosevelt campaigned on a platform in support of repealing the 18th Amendment. Roosevelt was ultimately elected, and on Dec. 5, 1933, the 18th Amendment was repealed in its entirety.

Last week, we had a great time transforming Gather into a Prohibition-style speakeasy. Guests were encouraged to dress for the occasion, and our party-goers did not disappoint. We enjoyed some “bath tub gin” along with a full dinner and danced the night away to live music performed by Gary Douglas. It was swell!

For the holiday season, our bartenders have crafted some delicious, seasonal cocktails and hot toddies that are sure to keep you warm on these cold Winter nights. Some of our favorites include the Pomegranate Rosemary Spritzer, which tastes like a winter forest in a glass. This cocktail proudly features Bently Heritage’s Source One vodka, a single estate vodka distilled from oats and wheat grown on-property in Minden, Nevada. Another favorite is our red wine Sangria, featuring flavors of winter citrus, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Finally, during the Silver & Snowflakes Festival of Lights event this past weekend, we debuted our “Rumplesnuggler,” a boozy hot chocolate sure to infuse you with holiday spirit. Grab your friends and family and come on by for an amazing craft cocktail and hot meal. See you soon!


Serves 1 Ingredients:

1 1/2 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream 1 oz Rumpleminze

Hot Chocolate

Whipped Creme

Chocolate (for drizzling) Crushed peppermint candies

Pour Bailey’s Irish Creme and Rumpleminze into a coffee cup or other hot beverage mug and fill mug with hot chocolate. Top with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate and crushed peppermint candies. Enjoy!

Angela Bullentini Wolf is owner/manager of Gather, a farm to table, fine casual restaurant located at 402 N. Carson St. in downtown Carson City.