Recipe: Osso bucco a dish well done ahead of time, by Larry Lawrence |

Recipe: Osso bucco a dish well done ahead of time, by Larry Lawrence

Larry Lawrence
Executive chef Larry Lawrence of Js' Old Town Bistro in Dayton has been cooking since he was 16.
Provided by Js’ Old Town Bistro

Executive Chef Larry Lawrence has been a fixture in the Northern Nevada restaurant for more than 20 years. He began cooking at just 16 years old and went on to cook and manage kitchens throughout Northern Nevada. Longtime Carson Valley residents might remember Larry as the owner and chef at Incognito in Genoa. Larry joined Js’ Old Town Bistro in 2014 and was promoted to executive chef in 2018.

Osso Bucco is a favorite dish at Js’ Bistro. It always sells out when it’s offered. You can also make it at home. It’s a great dish for entertaining, since most of the work is done in advance, leaving you time to enjoy your guests!

6 Veal Shanks about 1 1/4 inch thick

1/4 cup olive oil

2/3 cup corn starch

6 oz finely diced onion

6 oz finely diced Carrots

6 oz finely diced Celery

2 oz tomato paste

1 cup red wine

1 cup beef stock

1 cup demi glaze

2 bay leaves

3 thyme sprigs

3 oregano sprigs

Salt and pepper to taste

Heat oil in a brazier or heavy roasting pan. Season cornstarch with salt and pepper. Dredge the veal in the corn starch mixture. Brown the veal in the oil over medium high heat for three minutes on each side. Remove the veal from the pan and set aside. Add onion, celery and carrots to the pan and brown for about eight minutes. Add tomato paste and cook two minutes longer. Deglaze the pan with the red wine and reduce by half. Be sure to scrape the brown bits off the pan. Add the stock demi glaze, bay leaf, thyme, oregano and season with salt and pepper. Return the veal to the pan, cover and braise at 325 degrees for 2 1/2 hours or until tender.

Creamy Parmesan Polenta

1 cup chicken stock

1 cup heavy cream

Pinch red pepper flakes

½ up medium grind polenta

3 – 4 tbs butter

1/8 cup parmesan cheese

1/4 cup ricotta cheese

Salt to taste

In a double boiler, bring the stock, cream and red pepper to a simmer. Add polenta and stir occasionally for about 10 minutes. Add butter and the parmesan and ricotta cheeses and cook until well blended and creamy. Season with salt to taste.

Spoon polenta into a bowl, top with the veal shanks and extra sauce and enjoy!