Recycled art born from desert on display at Dayton Valley Branch Library |

Recycled art born from desert on display at Dayton Valley Branch Library

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Donna Nelson, left, an artist from Smith Valley, is seen with John Smith, president of the Friends of the Dayton Valley Library, and artist Pamela Nesbit of Smith Valley.
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Objects found in the desert and repurposed into art are the center of a display at the Dayton Valley Branch Library.

The Desert Born Art Project opened Aug. 29 and spotlights a collaboration by Pamela Nesbit and Donna Nelson of Smith Valley.

Their work will be on display through September and the first couple weeks of October. Admission is free.

The pair, while walking on their desert properties, were inspired by the rusted, oxidized tin discarded on the land; how the tin, left to the elements, aged and became unique expressions of artistic beauty. They saw how the metal could be recycled in new ways.

Nesbit, who recognized the form of a purse in a piece of mangled, reconfigured tin, used the unexpected subject to shape various kinds of purses carried throughout the years by men and women.

Nelson reinforces the idea art is everywhere and often fine just as it is. She illustrates the extraordinary in the ordinary, her work ranging from spiritual to humorous.

Additionally, the artists, who are currently collaborating on a book, will be on hand at Local Authors Night from 6 to 8 p.m. Sept. 23 at the Dayton Valley Branch Library. They will share stories of their own life inspiration and discovery through their work.

Two other local writers, Shaun Griffin, author of “Anthem for a Burnished Land,” and Dave Lenz, author of “Jack Crow: Indian Healer,” will be presenting as part of the same event.

The authors will sell and sign copies of their books at the event. Wine, beer and light refreshments will be served. There’s a $3 per adult entrance fee at the door. The first drink is free with the admission charge. Children under 16 years of age are welcome at no charge.

The library is at 321 Dayton Valley Road, Dayton. It can be reached at 775-246-6212 or