SambaDá to bring Brazilian culture to Carson City concert |

SambaDá to bring Brazilian culture to Carson City concert

Kyler Klix
SambaDa returns to Carson City Saturday to play at the Levitt AMP Concert Series hosted by the Brewery Arts Center.


WHAT: SambaDá at Brewery Arts Center Levitt AMP Concert Series

WHEN: 7 p.m. Saturday

WHERE: Minnesota Street Stage 449 W. King St., Carson City



SambaDá played at the first Brewery Arts Center Levitt AMP Concert Series two years ago. Carson City loved them so much, the band was invited back this year. The diverse group brings their rich Brazilian music to the Minnesota Street Stage on Saturday.

Founding band member Papiba Godhino has a fond memory of the last time his band played in Carson City.

“The audience was so receptive and there was a group of Brazilians there,” he said. “It was a very exciting show. There was a good turnout and we are really excited to play again for you guys.”

The diverse group of musicians is based on Brazilian sound, mixed in with some funk and reggae and rock. Promoters, journalists and fans have dubbed them as the hottest Brazilian band on the West Coast.

Godhino recently came back from a short trip to Brazil where he visited family and played music with friends. He said the only difference in playing between the two countries, is he plays more traditional music in Brazil, while in America he infuses different genres.

“I played straight Brazilian samba there,” he said. “In America, we mix things up. We funk things up a bit and add more reggae.”

Dancing also becomes a large part of the music as everyone on stage shows off their moves. Godhino says the music is contagious and it will get everyone on their feet.

“It’s very inclusive — being together moving and having a good time,” he said. “It’s a fun way to celebrate life and to enjoy.”

The mixture of music also shows through the diversity of talent within SambaDá. The members hail from places all over the globe: Brazil, Senegal, California, New York and Australia. The culture each member brings adds to the experience.

“We have such a beautiful mix,” he said. “We are all grateful to be able to share this with ourselves and our audience.”

2018 marks SambaDá’s 20th anniversary. As Godhino reflects on that milestone, he says the band is in great shape and wants to keep sharing Brazilian culture in America.

“The band is very mature, but we feel like it’s very fresh,” he said. “It’s really good.”

He said they have some new material in the works and they’re planning to record new songs by the end of this year.

SambaDá will spend some time in the area as they have shows booked in three towns. The band plays at Valhalla in South Lake Tahoe on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Carson City show is Saturday, and the band finishes the week Sunday at Commons Beach in Tahoe City.

“We really like to be in the area,” Godhino said. “It has a really cool feel and the landscape is beautiful. We are ready for this little tour up there.”