Stagecoach resident produces western movie |

Stagecoach resident produces western movie

Harold Roy Miller
Crazy Woman Creek is a project of Stagecoach's Robin Adair.

Stagecoach is a rural treasure chest of various type gems. It has fabulous wild horses, it has morning adorning sunrises and panoramic sunsets. It has cowboy poets, singers and horse lovers galore. It also has an added bonus — a genuine Hollywood actress and movie producer who makes her home in our sagebrush equine mecca.

Robin Adair is a horsewoman and she has an appreciation for the old west. Since western movies seem to be making a comeback nowadays, it comes as no surprise that Adair, who’s “a western woman to the manner born,” is producing a western movie.

The movie called Crazy Woman Creek, a faith-based old west film is produced and directed by Adair, who also has a part in it. It’s wrapped now and currently being edited.

Adair is well known for I’ve Been Waitin’, a music video, and she played parts in the movies El Cortez and Waking Up in Reno, both feature films. Over the years she has met and worked with some big names in the movie industry including Alex Baldwin, Lou Diamond Phillips and Billy Bob Thornton, just to name a few.

Adair’s biography says it all. She was born near Yosemite, California, where she started out being exposed to the limelight as a 5-year-old singing harmony in church. At 11 years old she got to be in a made for TV movie with Larry Wilcox of CHIPS fame. She was smitten with the thought of being an actress but was also a practical person, so she went into emergency medicine. She was working in the ER in a San Diego trauma 1 unit and chasing her acting dream in her spare time. That was a wise decision, because she got the best of both worlds when she was added to the medical staff for the Steven Spielberg movie, Temple of Doom.

She liked the excitement of the entertainment world and did a variety of different jobs in the movie industry. Trying her hand at everything from producing, directing to special effects and of course working as medical technical adviser on set, she went to film school at the Hollywood film Institute and Robert Redford’s Sundance producer’s academy in Park City, Utah.

She became an independent film maker. She also has won awards for music videos and has produced and won multiple National Telly Awards. She has been a coordinator for Steve Purvis for the western movie, Three for the devil.

She started her own company, Alexa Productions Inc., under the direction of producer Sharon Dennis of 1002 Productions. Then, seeking to branch out in the feature film industry, Adair became a director’s assistant to Jim Abrams, who produced the movie, Mafia. The movie was a spoof on the Godfather movie and the cast included Christina Applegate and Lloyd Bridges.

Besides all this success her music videos went international and was on the same playlist as famous country singers Tammy Wynette, Allison Krause and George Strait.

Adair finally decided to use her writing talents to write the complete script for her current project. The film features besides her some other talented well-known actors. Some are quite famous such as James Clark, a western Hollywood actor who has been in films with Ben Johnson, Harry Carey Jr., and the western icon Slim Pickens.

She also enlisted John Marrs, a popular actor and gun expert from central California to play an important part. Some of the supporting cast is made up of some local gunfighters. Some other actors in the movie are Kim Harris, a well-known western historian, and Doc Durden, a western re-enactor who owns Virginia Nevada Studios where some of the filming was done.

Adair and the cast are excited about this film and the ones she will make in the future; Crazy Woman Creek should generate a high level of excitement especially in Northern Nevada. The premier should be out soon.