Summer means salads, by Linda Marrone |

Summer means salads, by Linda Marrone

By Linda Marrone

My goodness, it’s already July and the year is half over and in the case of 2020, this is a good thing. I’d like to think the worst is behind us but I’m not sure about that either. One thing I do know though is cooking as well as eating are both still happening and that is a positive.

It was so sad for me to see Charlie’s last column for the Appeal but when one door closes another one usually opens. I want to thank Charlie for his 18 years of sharing his love of food with us and also Richard Bragiel from Mangia Tutto for his articles.

To fill their shoes, we have new writers coming on board and some familiar faces. First off from the new restaurant Piazza in McFadden Plaza will be Jenny Lopiccolo who with her husband Mark are owners of the restaurant. Joining Jenny will be Dan Burnham their chef who for many years was the sous chef at Adele’s. Rounding out this trio is Ellen Nadreau who with her husband Mark were long time beloved employees at Adele’s. I can’t wait for them to come on board and share their recipes and insights with us. Look for Piazza to be opening soon.

Next up is Anne Wiles from High Vibration Food. She is currently at Stonefly in Markleeville and is no stranger to Carson as she worked with Molly from Molly’s Catering (where LA Bakery is now). I know firsthand what a great cook and baker she is. Last week she dropped some still warm sourdough croissants on my porch and when I was devouring them it reminded me of Pairs, they were that good.

Last, but not least is my good friend, Jean Kvan who is also my neighbor. We lucked out when we moved to our new neighborhood seven years ago. Jean is a wonderful neighbor and cook. There is hardly anything I need to borrow that she can’t come up with. How many neighbors would have 2 tsp. of mustard seed so you could finish your last batch of bread and butter pickles? We are always borrowing farm fresh eggs from each other and the big plus, sharing of desserts, breads, muffins and cookies when there is extra.

Look forward to some deliciousness coming your way from our new columnists.

Ralph indulged me and planted some spinach and lettuce in our makeshift raised beds. The spinach has been eaten and enjoyed. Our lettuce was late getting planted. We just now got our first picking to make this salad.

You can also get lettuce at the Farmers Market from Holley’s, Pleasant Valley and First Fruit Sustainable Farms as well as the peas, tomatoes, beets, roasted peppers with garlic, zuchinni, cucumber and onions you see in the picture. Salads are just so interesting in the summer and they can be a first course or an entrée with the addition of meat, fish, eggs (also available at the FM) or just lots of veggies.