Trendologists predict food trends for 2019 |

Trendologists predict food trends for 2019

Ronni Hannaman
The new breakfast food that may soon be on menus soon is Khachapuri– a Georgian Cheese Bread identified as the “Dish of the Year.”
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So much emphasis is being placed on food these days, trendologists now predict the foods that will become popular enough to be offered on menus of the more trendy restaurants.

Yes, there really is such a job as being a “trendologist,” and the food trendologists at San Francisco based af&c have released their findings for 2019 based on what Millennials are enthusiastically embracing. This generation is prepared to try anything as long as it seems healthy and is locally sourced.

So, if you are a meat and potatoes kind of person, well, these new menu offerings may not be to your taste, but if you try some of these foods you may find you like them after all!

The country of Georgia – not the U.S. state – the one that is bound by the Black Sea to the west, Russia to the north, and Turkey to the south– is giving us Khachapuri, a classic street food, as the Dish of the Year. What is it? A cheese-filled Georgian staple consisting of a bread boat topped with a runny egg and cheese. Seems not only are we going to be offered runny eggs to eat while we are on the run, expect to see more wines from this region. So far, a search of the internet doesn’t show us a Georgian restaurant in the region, but you can look up the recipe. As for calories: Between 450-700 – guess it depends on the amount of cheese! But, can you eat just one?

And, expect to see far more than the traditional American or English Breakfast on the menu in the more trendy eateries as they offer more international foods found on breakfast buffets in Europe.

The dessert of the year? Artisanal donuts – not your regular run-of-the-mill donuts – but artisanal meaning those traditional jelly donuts we were told were no good for us are now good for us because they are now filled with “unexpected savory flavors and fillings.” Millennials are all about exotic tastes.

Love meat? Try cell-cultured meat – that’s lab grown meat and will be found on more and more menus. Go ahead and look it up.

Expect to see more varieties of hummus including hummus milkshakes. Hummus is supposed to be very healthy for you and Millennials are all about healthy eating. I’ll pass, thanks.

That terrible plastic straw — now banned in CA and other states — might be a durum wheat pasta straw – yes, a pasta straw. That will surely solve all our waste problems.

From the thank goodness front: Carbs are no longer banned or otherwise scoffed at! Go ahead and eat your bread and pasta! We’re not sure why it’s OK once again, but the Millennials say it’s OK, so it must be!

Meals in a box – prepared with instructions – no shopping. Everything delivered.

If the Millennials do cook, they prefer these types of meals where there is no shopping required, it’s all fresh, and everything is spelled out for you, though there will be clean-up required. Make sure the porch pirates don’t recognize that Blue Apron box.

Expect to see more changes in how you may be seated in restaurants. It’s sort of back to the old-fashioned lunch counter concept. Expect restaurants to change their method of service – pick up your order at the counter during the day and if you come back in the evening, expect the full service treatment. It must be all about time since most are on a fixed lunch hour – plus, it cuts down on staff. The term for this type of restaurant is called flex casual.

Keeping diners entertained is a new concept that might keep those who rely on their phones to pass the time a bit more engaged with their surroundings. Red’s Old 395 has been all over this “new” trend for quite a while. Weekends will find families entertained by magicians. Haven’t seen a fortune teller yet, but having your fortune revealed is another popular trend. Everyone loves a magician!

Now being offered at the most trendy dining establishments in New York and other major cities: cool ways to serve foods and drinks. Imagine being served a cocktail in a lightbulb or milk carton. Breakfast might come to your table via a shovel. Whether this trend finds it way to Carson City is debatable.

Since Millennials are all about food, this group has the food industry rethinking traditional dining to attract them. When checking out the Facebook of a Millennial, notice all the food pictures. Food is a way of life for this generation and they are passing this new respect and passion to us all.