Wicked Tinkers concert to be re-streamed Tuesday for St. Patrick’s Day | NevadaAppeal.com

Wicked Tinkers concert to be re-streamed Tuesday for St. Patrick’s Day


The Brewery Arts Center and National Grassroots Broadcast Network have teamed up to re-stream last summer’s The Wicked Tinkers concert Tuesday for St. Patrick’s Day as part of the “Quarantine Concert Series”

The live concert took place in August as part of the BAC’s Levitt AMP summer concert series on The Change Companies Stage.

The broadcast begins at 7 p.m.

Later in the week, the BAC will hold two classes live on its Facebook page.

To view the concert, download the ngbn.tv app off your Apple TV, Amazon Fire or Roku device as well as on the Facebook page of the BAC, NGBN, and The Wicked Tinkers, where it can also be viewed.

“If you watch it on The Wicked Tinker’s Facebook page, you get to interact with the band and ask them questions while watching the performance together, yet at a safe distance,” said Gina Lopez Hill, director, BAC.

Organizers encourage viewers to show their support by tipping the band online or by purchasing their merchandise.

“Musicians have been hit extremely hard by this pandemic,” said Hill. “Their shows and concerts have been cancelled in record numbers and therefore, we must do what we can to ensure arts and artists survive this crisis. The Wicked Tinkers made quite an impression on Carson City last year bringing our biggest crowd to date, so why not re-live the experience? You may even see yourself in the crowd.”

BAC and NGBN plan to team up again to stream a live show of popular Latin group, Drinking with Clowns on March 21 at 7 p.m.

The BAC is also live streaming painting and percussion classes on it Facebook page.

The concert series is made up of live Friday night concert broadcasts with regional bands and Tuesday night re streams of last years summer concerts, all in an attempt to give people live music in these difficulties times

Deana Hoover will hold a live art class Wednesday, March 18 at 9 a.m. And percussion instructor Brandon Dodge will do class on Thursday, March 19 at 2 p.m. is one of the most popular music instructors around and has a studio at the BAC.

“This online series was developed by these instructors with no guarantees for payment so, please, if you participate use the tip jar or donate to the BAC with the specification that the funds are to be given to the specific instructor,” said Hill.

For more information on any of the events, contact the BAC at gina@breweryarts.org.