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Local Shopping Guide

Carson City Shopping Combines New and Old

It is a well-known fact that Carson City is the capital, but did you know there’s another well-known secret about the city? That secret is the abundance of shopping in Carson City that combines their local history with modern, trendy places. Carson City shopping includes both an exceptional amount of antique stores, as well as shops that have new, hip inventory for you to try. With this area being so rich in history, it’s not shocking that people shopping in Carson City find value in purchasing and preserving old items. Many local restaurants and bars  carry the historic theme and use antique items as décor. Not only does it create a great atmosphere, it also makes for a great conversation starter among patrons. Another hidden gem in the capital city is thrift stores. There are several exceptional thrift stores in Carson City, and they constantly have fantastic sales on all types unique and one of a kind finds. Clothing, antique furniture, like new household items, classic books, you name it, our local thrift stores have it all. These local thrift stores often benefit all corners of the community by offering discounted items that families need in addition to charity events and donation drives. Between antique, thrift shopping, and new stores, Carson City knows how to shop till you drop.

While antique stores keep the cities recycled history alive in the modern age, there are also shops for the people who want brand new items. Carson City shopping offers an incredible amount of stylish boutiques and gift shops that feature items for both tourists and locals. This is the capital city after all, and Carson is proud to hold that title so it is no surprise that Carson even has a special shop downtown for Nevada specific collectibles and apparel. Some stores have specialty items and some focus on having a wide supply to choose from. Local gift shops contain handmade jewelry, amazing clothes, home decor and gifts. These shops are particularly handy during the holiday season because they provide holiday décor that suits the area’s history as well as one of a kind gifts for everyone on your list. Even outside of the peak holiday season, Carson City is still a hidden gem for new and old items year round.