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125 farm workers treated for chemical exposure

More than 100 farm workers in Mason Valley, near Yerington, were exposed to

an agricultural chemical this morning that required medical treatment,

according to a press release from Lyon County Emergency Management.

The farm workers were employed by Peri and Sons of Yerington. Farm personnel

told authorities an adjacent field had been treated with chloropicrin, which

is used to kill fungus that grows in fields. Chloropicrin normally produces

an off-gas that dissipates in the air, but due to an inversion, the off-gas

stayed low to the ground and was breathed by farm workers, according to the


A total of 125 workers were transported to the South Lyon Medical Center for

treatment of watery eyes, runny nose, nausea and difficulty breathing. Two

patients were transported by ambulance, the others by Peri and Sons

transport vehicles.

All patients were treated and released.