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13 kids compete in 4-H state shooting meet in Ely

Staff report
Gage Annand, 13, participates in the State 4-H Shooting Sports event on Sept. 15 in Ely. Photo Submitted

Veteran Storey County 4-H Shooting Sports leader Rich Knight had a dream five years ago to engage Carson City and Storey County youth in safe firearm practices through the 4-H Shooting Sports program. In addition, Knight hoped to lead the 4-Hers in developing their target shooting skills, with a goal to eventually take part in the annual State 4-H Shooting Sports culminating event.

This year, Knight realized his dream, as 13 Storey County and Carson City youth, ages 9-18, hit the road for the state competition in Ely on Sept. 15.

The youth, members of the Comstock Hot Shots 4-H Shooting Sports Club and the Carson City Hot Shots 4-H Shooting Sports Shotgun Club, learned a lot about their fellow 4-H Shooting Sports enthusiasts throughout Nevada, and how to remain poised as they compete in a major event.

4-Hers participating from Carson City and Storey County and their awards are as follows:

Junior division archery: Chris Lawrence, bronze medal; and Jeremy Green and Samantha Lowe, red awards.

Intermediate division archery: Bryce James, blue award; and Marisa Landry, red award.

Intermediate division freestyle archery: Gage Annand, blue award.

Intermediate division air pistol: Bryce James, silver medal; and Gage Annand, red award.

Intermediate division .22 rifle: Gage Annand and Bryce James, blue awards.

Intermediate division muzzleloader: Gage Annand, silver medal.

Junior division shotgun: Alex Knudson, bronze medal; and Jeremy Green, blue award.

Intermediate division shotgun: Cody Tucker, blue award.

Senior division shotgun: Colton Wright, gold medal; Heather Knudson, silver medal; and Jeff Curby, Jason Curby and Micah Davis, blue awards.

Knight and fellow 4-H Shooting Sports leaders Tamara Knight, Geoff Landry, Greg Wright and Rusty Wolbers say this fun-packed event perfectly topped off a year of safety trainings and weekly practice shoots.

4-Hers returned to their clubs with enhanced leadership skills and self-confidence, ready to challenge members to get ready for next year.

4-H is a youth leadership and development program of University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. For information on 4-H Shooting Sports and other 4-H programs in Carson City/Storey County, contact University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, 887-2252.