Ad was distortion of facts on taxes

The strength of our government is totally a function on how the public is informed. Publishing distorted information is similar to lying. The public will make decisions at the election booth based on distorted facts, thus in all probability electing incompetent people. This is so pervasive in all levels of government today.

A recent example of such action was a recent large ad in the Nevada Appeal where the person paying for the ad distorted the facts Mayor Ray Masayko stated in his letter. His letter referred to the total property tax rate. His statement, "the tax rate has not changed during my tenure as Mayor," is absolutely true. The ad totally distorted Mayor Masayko letter. This type of ad has no place in a city election. It is sleaze. The ad used a tax rate that was approved before Mayor Ray Masayko assumed office in January of 1997. In July 1997 the new budget was approved requiring a tax rate of 72.26 cents. The total increase that can be attributed to the time that the mayor has voted for the budget is 18.28 cents or 26.8 percent. For comparison purposes, the author of the ad during his first six years on the board, voted to increase the city tax rate from 48.7 cents in 1990 to 69.68 cents in 1996 for a total increase of 20.98 cents or 43.08 percent. During that period the board always increased the maximum allowed by law. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Spreading misinformation is not good for good local government and those who approve and spread such information should not be elected.


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