All-Carson Country Soccer Teams


Sean Carter, Sophomore, Carson: The Senators' goalie posted seven shutouts while making 102 saves in 17 games this season.

Landon Roser, Junior, Carson: Along with being a solid defender, Roser had two assists from the sweeper position.

Kirkwood Harris, Junior, Carson: Another one of the Senator's outstanding defenders, Harris also had four goals and seven assists from the stopper position.

Zac Beres, Senior, Douglas: Beres was the Tigers' top defensive player and added one assist this season.

Robby Honer, Senior, Douglas: Honer was one of Northern Nevada's top players as a midfielder and the Tigers' most valuable player. He had 10 goals and seven assists on the season.

A.J. Bergantz, Senior, Carson: A two-time pick on the all-Carson Country team, Bergantz, a midfielder, was one of the area's top offensive players with 11 goals and 12 assists.

Mike Weiland, Senior, Galena: Another top offensive player as a midfielder, Weiland had 10 goals and 10 assists and was the team's co-captain.

Danny Carew, Galena: The midfielder, who was co-captain along with Weiland, was a mainstay in setting up Galena's offense with 17 assists and added six goals.

Aaron Satterwhite, Senior, Carson: The forward, another two-time pick to the all-Carson Country team, was one of the area's top scorers with 18 goals and added three assists.

Gieorag Andrews, Senior, Douglas: The forward for the Tigers was counted on for his leadership and had six goals and six assists.

Jesus Juarez, Senior, Yerington: A scoring machine for the Lions, the forward had 25 goals and four assists.


Ashley Sulprizio, Senior, Douglas: The goalie, who will attend one of the nation's top programs, the University of Nebraska on a scholarship, allowed just 10 goals all season and posted three shutouts in lead the Tigers to the first ever zone title.

Kristie Gearty, Junior, Douglas: Among the leaders' for the Tigers outstanding defense who also scored a goal against Wooster.

Allison Kop, Junior, Carson: Kop was one of the area's top defensive players and scored four goals.

Patricia Garrick, Senior, Galena: The midfielder had five goals and an assist for the Grizzlies.

Erin Stieber, Junior, Carson: The midfielder had an outstanding season with 13 goals and 11 assists.

Allison Williamson, Senior, Carson: Despite missing seven games, the midfielder had eight goals and six assists.

Kali Schmidt, Junior, Douglas: Schmidt's highlight on the season was scoring both goals for the Tigers in their zone title win over Reed. She had nine goals and nine assists on the season.

Annie Baxter, Senior, Galena: The midfielder had 13 goals and eight assists for the Grizzlies.

Amy Jackson, Senior, Galena: The forward had 14 goals and eight assists.

Ali Banister, Junior, Carson: The forward also had 14 goals and eight assists for the Senators.

Amber Gwinn, Junior, Douglas: Another one of the area's top offensive players, Gwinn had 13 goals and 15 assists.


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