Association endorses Tatro, pans Masayko

Members of the Carson City Sheriff's Supervisory Association endorsed Tom Tatro for mayor and for the second time issued a vote of no confidence for Mayor Ray Masayko.

Association president Sgt. Ronald John said 13 of the15 ballots sent out to association members voted to back Tatro and issued a vote of no confidence for Masayko. The association consists of 16 members, who are sergeants and lieutenants in the Sheriff's Office. John said one member is out town and so a ballot was not sent to him. Two ballots were not returned.

"They were unanimous in their endorsement of Tatro for mayor and in the vote of no confidence in Mayor Masayko."

This is the second time the association has issued a no confidence vote of the mayor. The first time was during the debate over the sheriff's dispatch issue in January. During the debate over which dispatch system to purchase for the city, five employees' unions purchased advertisements indicating their lack of confidence in Masayko.

At a hearing on the issue supervisors voted 4-1 to negotiate with the maker of the system favored by the employees. Masayko then changed his vote to go along with the majority.

"Most of the people who have talked to me about it feel they are pretty frustrated with his commitment to public safety," John said.

Masayko said the sheriff's supervisors did not speak with him in making their endorsement.

"Specifically, they have never taken the opportunity to speak to me directly about any of their concerns," he said. "I call this pure politics."

Masayko explained his initial reluctance, saying he wanted to make sure the city got the most for its money.

"I'm in favor of replacing the 911 system, there no doubt about that," he said. "And basically other than the process they went through, there is no reason for this."

Masayko challenged residents to examine his record on public safety.

"My record will show that I have voted consistently to support public safety positions, officers on the street," he said. "Check it out."

He said he had to represent the interests of the entire community.

"I have confidence in those folks and that they will do their jobs," he said. "These folks have a point of view, but I have to serve all the community."

Tatro said he was thrilled with the endorsement by the sheriff's supervisors.

"I'm excited about this one," he said. "I've worked with these people for years and they know me, they know my work ethic, and they know I produce."

Tatro said he felt the endorsement was key.

"I think it is very important and it is very gratifying," he said. "We have a mayor that says public safety is a non-issue. And we have public safety saying I'm their number one choice."

In addition to Tatro, the sheriff's supervisors endorsed Robey Willis for justice of the peace.


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