Carson City committee considers more improvements along Curry Street

The dressed-up corners of Telegraph Square at Telegraph and Curry streets may soon be a motif used to embellish other Curry Street intersections.

The Carson City Redevelopment Authority Citizen's Committee on Wednesday walked Curry Street to find intersections for potential landscaping improvements.

The Telegraph Square intersection with its raised planters and stamped concrete sidewalks cost the city about $60,000.

Redevelopment Director Rob Joiner said the plan is preliminary, but the committee is choosing to start a new series of the intersections starting at Musser Street heading north. The idea is to create an entrance into the area at Musser Street with planters on the north sides of the intersection. Curry is a one-way street from Musser to Robinson Street.

Planters would be put on the east side of the Curry and Proctor streets intersection (a parking lot boarders the western edge of the street). Planters would also be added to the Spear and Curry intersections and to the southern side of the Robinson and Curry streets intersection.

The intersections would each look different from the Telegraph Square motif.

Some sections along Curry Street with parallel parking could be turned into diagonal spaces to add more downtown parking, Joiner said.

"It's just a continuation of what we started," Joiner said. "It would bring better parking, better streetscape and appearance to the area. Hopefully, it would bring attention to the vacant buildings down here."

Redevelopment Authority Chairwoman Robin Williamson said the idea is very preliminary and property owners still need to be contacted.

Joiner said he didn't know how much the street improvements would cost. The committee may consider it at their next meeting, he said.


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