Carson Mayor Ray Masayko retains position

Carson City Mayor Ray Masayko retained his position Tuesday in an election that wasn't nearly as close as had been predicted.

Masayko defeated challenger Tom Tatro by 2,694 votes. Masayko received 10,566 votes to Tatro's 7,872 votes, a margin of 57 percent to 42 percent.

"When I started this campaign I made a plea to the people who employ me - the people of Carson City - to let me keep my job," Masayko said. "Those are the people I work for. I'm grateful and a little overwhelmed. Everyone thought the race was real close. My opposition ran a spirited and vigorous race, and the people made a choice."

Masayko, 55, was elected to the mayor's post in 1996. He campaigned heavily this year on the time he spends in the mayor's position.

"I think people looked at my accomplishments, how hard I work, my promises and connection with the people I work for," Masayko said. "I'm going right back to work. Whether I won or lost, it was going to be another work day for me. I'll receive phone calls and I'll respond to the constituents and will provide them with the level of service they expect."

Former city supervisor Tatro, 43, was battling history in this election. No incumbent mayor has lost an election in Carson City since it became a consolidated municipality in 1969.

Through the entire campaign, controversy swirled around Tatro's ability to serve as mayor while holding down a full-time job as fiscal manager for the Department of Motor Vehicles. Tatro said he believes he lost the election because "I have to work for a living."

"He was able to convince the voters that Carson City needed a full-time mayor," Tatro said. "I wasn't able to overcome that even though no other city in Nevada has a full-time mayor.

"We did what we could. I'm proud of the campaign we ran and really happy for the help and support I received. It just wasn't meant to be. I hope Ray takes advantage of the next four years and leads the community into the future."

Masayko said he is looking forward to another four years as the capital's mayor.

"We'll have challenges and opportunities, but the future looks great for us," he said.


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